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3D Renderings Improve Remodeling Design Experience

At BOWA, we strive to apply a client-first approach to every step of the process. From the guidance provided by our Project Leaders to the availability of our Customer Service Team long after a project is completed, our goal is to deliver a wonderful client experience. The approach taken by our In-House Design Team is no exception. Our Chief Design Officer TJ Monahan has worked diligently to streamline and enhance the design phase to deliver a more client-friendly experience. Traditionally, project design was a two-dimensional (2D) endeavor. Designers created and presented flat, static floorplans and a handful of elevations, and… Read More >

10 Outdoor Living Ideas to Consider for Your Renovation

It’s pretty wonderful when the stars align and you find yourself with the time, perfect weather and space you love to enjoy outdoor time with family and friends.  If you’re contemplating an outdoor renovation, you should think about all the ways you could use the space before tackling your design. Consider these 10 outdoor living ideas to create a retreat that everyone will love. 1) Family Room: Create an inviting family space complete with comfy furnishings, a firepit, heaters and large glass doors to access your home’s interior.  Make it an open-air space or a screened-in room with ceiling fans.… Read More >

It’s Time for Fall Home Maintenance

The chill in the air and pumpkins-a-plenty remind us that it’s time to tackle our fall home maintenance list.  A regular schedule of maintenance throughout the year is critical to keeping your home healthy and family safe.  These baseline preventative steps are a good start. Gutters, Downspouts & Low-Slope Roof Maintenance: Inspect these items and carefully remove any accumulated debris.  This check should be completed four times per year to ensure effective draining and avoid damage caused by trapped and accumulated water. Surface & Underground Drains: It is important to check and clear surface and underground drains at least four… Read More >

Stunning First-Floor Renovation in Colonial Village, DC

project profile Stunning First-Floor Renovation in Colonial Village, DC

Homeowner Challenge: These homeowners frequently host gatherings on the weekends, and they wanted to update the first floor of their home to be more suitable for entertainment. They felt as though their current living room was dark and closed off, and they had specific modifications in mind for their kosher kitchen. Additionally, they wanted to build a more comfortable and spacious outdoor patio next to their existing pool, but a large section of their yard was unusable due to a drop off. The BOWA Solution: To give the exterior of the… Read More >

Use the Holidays to Plan your Perfect Renovation

Hard to believe that the holidays are upon us already!  Whether you’ll have a bustling full house or quiet family gatherings this year, the holidays are a great time to evaluate the functionality of your spaces. For instance, when family and friends arrive, where do they gather? Do guests feel welcomed and comfortable or in the way?  Are they able to mingle easily?  Does your home suit your family’s lifestyle? If you’re considering a renovation, the holidays are the perfect time to start your planning!  When the dishes are put away and you put your feet up to relax, think… Read More >

Tile Trends to Consider for your Next Renovation

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bath, tile is one of those areas where the only thing wider than the range of prices is the number of choices available.  With options ranging from classic subway tiles and geometrics to exotic imports and dramatic metallics, there is certainly something for every style, goal and budget. Following are some of the tile trends that are HOT today. Subway Tiles: While white subway tiles are a timeless neutral, variations of this classic are becoming quite popular.  Designers are playing with pastels, colors, sizes, finishes, grout color and layouts to give these… Read More >

Phased Design Build Renovation in Reston

project profile Phased Design Build Renovation in Reston

Homeowner Challenge: The homeowners purchased the home in 2006 and wanted to update and modernize the kitchen as part of a larger renovation. The kitchen was dated, featured the original builder-grade finishes, and lacked the sophisticated aesthetic and easy flow they wanted for both family gatherings and entertaining. Particularly important, was designing a light-filled space to bring the outdoors in and to coherently connect the kitchen with the other renovated main-level spaces and new screened porch addition. The BOWA Solution: The design build team set out to transform a house with very… Read More >

BOWA Project Featured on Home & Design Cover – “Subtle Motif”

Featured On: Home & Design, May/June 2021 Excerpt: “Half a lifetime ago, Ajaipal “Jay” Virdy anticipated the serene home that he and his wife, Shalu, now enjoy. Back then, Virdy’s fledgling tech company occupied space next to a builder whose work he admired. Virdy promised himself that one day, he would ask that company to create an awesome house for him and his family. Two decades later, the dream came true. With two grown children and an enviable career complete, Virdy and Shalu were moving from Leesburg to a classic, two-story abode in McLean. The property was endowed with an… Read More >

Glamorous Kitchen Renovation in Leesburg with New Laundry Room

project profile Glamorous Kitchen Renovation in Leesburg with New Laundry Room

Homeowner Challenge: These BOWA clients wanted to update their kitchen, laundry, and powder room to be more cohesive with the rest of their home’s style and level of sophistication. They felt that this part of the house was dark and dated, and that it wasn’t suitable for entertaining their guests. While they wanted to add glamor to the space and make it more contemporary, functionality was equally as important to them. The BOWA Solution: To make the kitchen and surrounding area brighter and more welcoming, BOWA experts opened up… Read More >

Fresh Luxury Renovation in McLean, Virginia

project profile Luxurious Whole-House Renovation in McLean, VA

Homeowner Challenge: When the owners moved from Leesburg to this home in McLean, they knew it would eventually be the perfect fit, but it required significant work. At the recommendation of a friend and BOWA client, they reached out to BOWA to get started. With a recent addition of a guest bedroom onto the house, it was ideal for a couple who anticipated frequent visits from both their adult children and older parents. The home was constructed in 2001 but hadn’t been suitably updated over the years. They felt it lacked the… Read More >

Four Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom Renovation

What is a dream bathroom renovation? Well, a dream bathroom is anything that YOU want YOUR bathroom to be! One person may want a large soaking tub that is surrounded by candles, while another may prioritize a large walk-in shower that can be turned on from their cozy bed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dream bathrooms as long as you do not limit your imagination. Here are four must-have items in your dream bathroom: Walk-in Shower or Shower Room A walk-in shower or shower room can make your bathroom look larger, plus you can fill this space… Read More >

BOWA is 2021 Top Vote Getter for Best Builder in Bethesda and Arlington

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce the firm has been named a 2021 Top Vote Getter for Best Builder in Bethesda and Arlington by Bethesda Magazine and Arlington Magazine respectively. The company was recognized as a Top Vote Getter in the Best Builder category for Arlington Magazine’s Best of Arlington and Bethesda Magazine’s Best of Bethesda.  These are reader surveys conducted by the publications and featured in their January issues annually. These awards mark the 12th time BOWA has been recognized by the magazines’ readers over the past decade. BOWA has now received more than 250 local and… Read More >

Outdoor Living Renovation in Potomac, MD

project profile Beautiful Outdoor Living Renovation in Potomac, MD

Homeowner Challenge: Our clients wished to expand their Potomac, Maryland home by adding a screened porch off the exterior of their family room with improved access to the outdoors, and to create a multi-level outdoor for entertaining and family gatherings.  The challenge was to preserve the abundant natural light and expansive woodland views in the existing space.  In addition, although they began planning before COVID-19 was on the radar, construction began during the early months of the pandemic. The BOWA Solution: With an eye toward maximizing natural light and sightlines to… Read More >

Whole-House Renovation in Great Falls, VA

project profile Luxurious Whole-House Renovation in Great Falls, VA

Homeowner Challenge: The main challenge for our clients was space – reconfiguring and redesigning to maximize usable space as well as remodeling and updating. Avid entertainers, the homeowners wished to redesign and enlarge their dated kitchen to make it more a more inviting space for their weekly gatherings of family and friends. They also wished to relocate a home office, and laundry and renovate the original owners’ bath. The BOWA Solution: Our clients’ priority for more space in the heart of their home drove this kitchen bump out.  A wall of… Read More >

Stunning Kitchen and Primary Suite Renovation in Leesburg, VA

project profile Stunning Kitchen and Primary Suite Renovation in Leesburg, VA

Homeowner Challenge: The owners of this gorgeous home in Leesburg have a rather large family, including five kids that are constantly in and out of the house, and two dogs running around. While they wanted to update their kitchen, laundry room, and primary suite, they were concerned that a construction project wouldn’t be feasible with their lifestyle. The BOWA Solution: BOWA’s team, including our In-House Design Team, came up with a plan of action that would be efficient while still creating results that surpassed client expectation. Opening the wall… Read More >

Great Transformations: Don’t Miss These Renovation Before and After Photos

People always ask for renovation before and after photos to both see the remarkable results of our work, as well as to provide inspiration for their own projects.  We hope you will enjoy these.  Of course, if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to be of assistance, let us know. Before and After Renovation of Kitchen and Owners’ Bath in Great Falls Before and After Renovation of Kitchen and Owners’ Bath in Leesburg, VA Before and After Renovation of Transitional Kitchen in Washington, DC Before and After Renovation of Chic Georgetown Kitchen Master Bathroom… Read More >

What Changes Have You Made to Your Home Since COVID-19?

A chat with BOWA’s VP of Design TJ Monahan about his home projects during COVID With coronavirus numbers ticking back up, it’s likely that many of us are still hunkering down in our homes with our “pod” of family and perhaps a few close friends.  Having been at this since March, it’s also likely that our homes have taken on many new roles…everyday office for one or more, schoolhouse, gym, restaurant, outdoor entertainment venue and more. But how can we make our homes work in all these new ways? We chatted with TJ Monahan, BOWA’s VP of Design, to find… Read More >

BOWA Named to “The Best Timber Frame Home Builders in the US”

Featured On: Home Builder Digest, August 2020 Excerpt: “Timber framing is a construction method that has been around since the Neolithic era. It became a prominent construction method in countries with an abundance of hardwood trees, like the U.S. and Germany, and some of the most common trees used for timber are oak, pine, and fir. Timber framing involves meticulously joining and fitting squared-off timber to build the structural framework of a building. The process requires careful planning and precision in framing measurements and intersections and requires a reliable partner in the field. This article showcases the top timber frame… Read More >

Before You Purchase a House to Remodel, View These Tips – Webinar Video

BOWA’s Tim Burch shares 10 Things to Consider Before You Purchase a House to Remodel. Too many times, we’ve had to deliver the upsetting news to new homebuyers: the remodeling project they planned for their new purchase is not feasible. With a little due diligence and experience, the buyer’s disappointment could have been avoided. To help ensure you’re making an educated purchase, learn the steps you should be taking and the experts you should consult before purchasing a house to remodel.  When you are ready to move forward, learn how we can help with a Purchase Consultation. If you have… Read More >

Project Feasibility Tips to Avoid Hearing “You Can’t Do That” Later – Webinar Recording

BOWA’s Tim Burch shares project feasibility tips for how to minimize setbacks while planning and executing your next renovation. When planning a home renovation or addition it’s important to complete your due diligence upfront to research any ordinances or restrictions that may affect your project. Unfortunately, homeowners and contractors often forget important steps during this project feasibility phase, which sometimes leads to wasted time and money or abandoned projects. Hear what Tim suggests for getting your renovation, new home or equestrian project off to a smooth start! If you have additional questions or need help evaluating your options, please contact… Read More >

Designer’s Desk: 7 Concepts of Wellness Design Every Homeowner Should Understand

The Time Has Come to Treat Our Homes as an Investment in our Wellness The era of COVID-19 has caused us to re-evaluate many aspects of our daily lives. Before the pandemic, the home was a place to recharge and enjoy time with our families. Now, for many of us, home is also our office, classroom, gym, and more. Suddenly, our home is expected to take on the characteristics of all these places. More than ever, we are blurring the lines between home, work, and leisure. What does this mean for our mental and physical wellbeing and how can we… Read More >

Stay & Remodel or Buy & Remodel – Webinar Recording

Does your home fall short when it comes to meeting your family’s evolving needs but you’re unsure of your options? BOWA’s Chris Smith and Washington Fine Properties’ Alyssa Crilley share helpful tips to consider when evaluating the right path for your home and family. Our team has vast experience helping families decide whether to stay and remodel their current homes or purchase something new, and share insight into the process for each.  If you’re torn between remodeling and moving, this on-demand webinar and a purchase consultation is for you.  If you have additional questions or need help evaluating your options,… Read More >

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Outdoor Space

For many of us, nothing beats relaxing in the comfort of our own outdoor retreat.  But is your outdoor space usable in the hot summer and chilly winter?  It is possible to enjoy an outdoor room much of the year if you plan ahead and incorporate features into the design that will make the space more comfortable as temperatures rise or fall.  Following are some items to consider and discuss with your design team when you’re trying to get the most out of your outdoor space. Hot Weather In the summer months heat can make the outdoor entertaining downright unbearable. … Read More >

7 Questions to Ask to Remodel with Confidence – Webinar Recording

Jumping into a remodeling project can feel like a big leap, but there are questions you can ask yourself, your family and the firms you’re interviewing to help you move forward with confidence knowing you’ll get the experience and results you desire. BOWA’s Josh Baker, a remodeling veteran with over 32 years of experience, shares the questions and other inside tips to help anyone considering a renovation. If you have additional questions on how to achieve a successful remodeling experience or there is anything else we can do to be of assistance, please contact us.  … Read More >

Healthy-Home Secrets from BOWA’s Building Scientist – Webinar Recording

BOWA’s experts, Lisa Magee and Doug Horgan, discuss tips for improving the health and happiness of your home. This session provides an introduction to air quality, the impact of light and the orientation of surroundings, and they share how these things can be modified to create a healthy home and improve your happiness. There are plenty of helpful Q&As at the end, and you’re sure to walk away with some helpful information. Doug even shares his recommendation for brands of LED bulbs and his favorite in-home air quality monitor. If you have additional questions on the subject or there is… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Recipes

We’re all familiar with the classic film, The Sound of Music and this line from the famous song, “When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don’t feel so bad…”  (You might even get a chuckle from this parody of the song!) Since we’re all in this together, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite things to bring a smile to your face and help you pass the time! Our inaugural list includes some of the BOWA Team’s favorite recipes that… Read More >

Coronavirus Safety Measures – Keeping our Clients, Employees and the Community Safe

During this unprecedented battle against coronavirus, the safety of our clients, employees and community is our top priority. We understand that, while we are still permitted to work in clients’ homes, this is a privilege that comes with tremendous responsibility. Our employees take this responsibility to heart and are following enhanced precautions to ensure we are operating in accordance with all Federal and jurisdictional guidelines during construction, project planning and post-project support. Following are some of the coronavirus safety measures our team is taking: Masks are required for all employees, subcontractors and visitors entering a home. This applies to active… Read More >

Virtual Renovation Design: Challenging Times Encourage Us to Work Smarter

BOWA Has the Tools and Experience to Safely and Productively Collaborate with Clients Remotely Despite the Current Coronavirus Situation The understatement of the day is this is certainly an interesting time for all of us. Between a declared coronavirus pandemic and the related economic uncertainty, we’re all still trying to figure out what this means for our families, communities, businesses and country. Some might look at the current situation and shutdown in panic.  While others might recognize that this too shall pass, and often, in times of adversity, we’ve discovered some of our greatest strengths and advances as people and… Read More >

BOWA Free Design Services – A Thank You to Our Community

As a thank you to our community, we’re offering 4 hours of design advice on us! When faced with challenges, the comfort and security of our homes mean more to us than ever. But even the little things can make a huge difference when we’re spending more time at home. BOWA is here to help with it all! Whether you need help selecting a color palette, laying out furniture or getting started on a kitchen renovation, give us a call to tap into the the knowledge of our experienced designers. Our Design Team is ready to learn about your challenges,… Read More >

Complete Renovation in Classic DC Condo Building

project profile Complete Renovation in Classic DC Condo Building

Homeowner Challenge: These clients have called upon BOWA over their 20 years of condo ownership to continually transform their DC condo unit to meet their changing lifestyle and design ideas. This pre-war building provided the sturdy construction and beautiful original details the homeowners appreciate, but the overall design of the home required updates to the kitchen, living, and dining areas to make it unique to their tastes and needs. The BOWA Solution: Without altering the original layout too drastically, the BOWA team created spaces that blend the original characteristics with modern… Read More >

BOWA Wins Best of Houzz 2020 for Design and Service

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce it has won Best Of Houzz 2020 awards in both the Design and Customer Service categories on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. The residential design and construction firm specializing in luxury additions and renovations was chosen by the millions of homeowners that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 2.5 million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals. The Best Of Houzz 2020 badge is awarded annually, in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design awards honor professionals whose work was the most popular among… Read More >

BOWA Wins Local CotY Awards in 2020 Competition

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce that it has won three Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards in this year’s local competition. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s  (NARI) Metro DC Chapter announced BOWA placed first in two categories, Residential Interior between $250,001 and $500,000 and Entire House over $1,000,000, at their “Evening of Excellence” celebration on February 8th. BOWA was also named a Finalist Award Winner for the category of Basement $100,000 to $250,000. Judging for this competition is based on problem solving, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation, and degree of difficulty as assessed by an impartial… Read More >

Condo Remodeling Storage Tips – Capturing Extra Space

Many of our condo renovations are for clients downsizing from single-family homes. In their original houses, storage was rarely a concern with walk-in master closets, custom built-ins, and large kitchens with ample cabinetry. While condominiums don’t always offer these spacious luxuries, we have found ways to increase storage options with creative design solutions. If you’re interested in maximizing every square inch, here are some condo remodeling storage tips to consider. Expand the Master Closet Many master suites include a fair amount of “extra” or underutilized space. Besides the necessary functions, they may also feature separate spaces for a desk, small… Read More >

Remodeling Planning for your Future Home Needs

Are you at a stage of life that has you thinking about changes to your living situation? Are you beginning to think about remodeling planning for your future home needs? Perhaps you’re now empty nesters, planning for your retirement years or looking for something that requires less maintenance. Clients frequently turn to us for guidance on these decisions. Some want to make their current homes more comfortable, while others are considering transitioning to a smaller home or even a condo lifestyle. The possibilities are endless and can feel overwhelming. The good news is, we’re happy to help. Universal Design There… Read More >

Equestrian Facility Brings Together Form and Function in Middleburg, Virginia

project profile Equestrian Facility Brings Together Form and Function in Middleburg, Virginia

Homeowner Challenge: This equestrian facility was planned on the hilly terrain of a cow farm in Middleburg, Virginia. Transforming this blank canvas into a fully equipped equestrian center required BOWA to combine the standards set by the Virginia Outdoors Foundation and client’s design vision to create a space that houses three separate outbuildings, a covered round pen, ring and single-horse pastures. The BOWA Solution: Creating this complex from scratch required extensive site work to cut through the hill and fill the valleys to stabilize the area for construction.… Read More >

BOWA Awarded 2019 Northern Virginia Family Service CARE Award

McLean, VA. – BOWA is pleased to announce that it has been named a winner of Northern Virginia Family Service’s 2019 “Companies As Responsive Employer” or CARE Awards. For more than 25 years, the CARE Awards have recognized outstanding companies moving the needle to make Northern Virginia a better place for everyone to work, live and play. “CARE Award winners are top business leaders who demonstrate unyielding commitment to their employees and our community,” shares Stephanie Berkowitz, president and CEO at Northern Virginia Family Service. “CARE shines a light on this exceptional group of businesses and the ways they help… Read More >

Before and After Photos of Remodeling Projects – Fall 2019 Edition

Please enjoy these before and after photos of remodeling projects.  To view more project profiles, please visit our Project Types section. Luxury Kitchen Update in Great Falls In this Great Falls house, the kitchen did not reflect the entertaining capabilities of the rest of the home. A structural wall was moved to expand the footprint of the kitchen and create a large pantry. A beautiful island provides plenty of space for gatherings and a nearby custom banquette is great for everyday meals. See more photos.   ***************** His & Hers Dream Master Bathroom in McLean, VA The clients loved aspects… Read More >

Condo Remodeling Lighting Tips – Want More Light in Your Life?

Many of our condo clients, especially those transitioning from single-family living, have concerns about their units not having enough light. The challenge is, there is often only one exterior wall with access to natural light and limited hours per day when the sun’s shining in. As such, we’re frequently asked for help in making the space feel bright and welcoming. Here are a few condo remodeling lighting tips we’ve gathered over the years. Add Recessed Lighting:  Particularly in a condo, adding recessed lighting can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the space. Unfortunately, installation requirements of the… Read More >

BOWA Named a “Best Apartment and Condo Interior Contractor”

Featured On: General Contractors Magazine, September 4, 2019 Excerpt: “…This list features the best apartment and condo interior contractors in Washington, D.C. Our team took into account various criteria and examined the number of projects they have in the city, the quality of these projects, the awards and recognition they have received, their industry affiliations, and their years in business…. In business since 1988, BOWA has built a reputation as one of the premier design-build companies throughout Greater Washington, D.C. and Virginia Horse Country. With more than 30 years’ experience, BOWA is known for delivering exceptional workmanship and quality customer… Read More >

Water Worries in the Home

Water. It makes up 70% of the Earth and our bodies need it to survive, but it can do serious damage around your home when not managed correctly. Heavy storms and humidity indoors and out mean that water can appear in unwanted spaces. Here are a few tips to keep your water worries at bay in and around your home. Outside the Home Outside, take steps to ensure all water flows away from the structure’s foundation. First, make sure your gutters are clear of debris and downspouts direct water away. Also, ensure the grading around the foundation has positive slope,… Read More >

How to Select the Perfect Paint Color

So, you want to brighten things up with fresh paint in your space. You search through hundreds of paint chips and finally land on what you think is the perfect bright white. Once on the wall, however, the finished color is not what you saw on the chip. The sheen is too glossy and shows every bump in your walls, or the color is making your existing cabinetry look dingy. How do you avoid having to go through this process again? We picked the mind of one of our In-House Designers, Stephanie Dickens, to help you select the perfect paint… Read More >