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MVB Mortgage Video Series ‘Round Town featuring Tim Burch

Vice President of the Middleburg Office Tim Burch brings Mark Ferguson to one of our equestrian facilities for the MVB Mortgage video series ‘Round Town. Learn more about BOWA’s process, client experience, and financing options when it comes to your remodel in these three videos.… Read More >

Creative Design Solutions in Your Home

In our 30+ years, we have had the pleasure to develop creative design solutions for every part of the home.  From kitchens to bathrooms to garages, our architects and designers have crafted inspired fixes to everyday issues.  Here are some of our favorites from recent projects.   Clever Cutting Board Drawer Our client in Great Falls wanted to expand the utility of the drawer over the trash can so it could be used for more than just storage. A cutting board with a hole was added to discard the waste right into the can. This board pops out for easy… Read More >

Spacious Kitchen Renovation in Great Falls, Virginia

project profile Spacious Kitchen Renovation in Great Falls, Virginia

Homeowner Challenge: In this Great Falls house, the kitchen did not reflect the entertaining capabilities of the rest of the home. It was too small and impractical for larger gatherings, as well as everyday family life. They needed more seating options, upgraded appliances and more thoughtful storage solutions. The BOWA Solution: BOWA’s In-House Design Team began by removing a structural wall at the back of the home to make a larger footprint for the kitchen and create an extensive pantry space. The seating capacity was increased by building an eat-in dining… Read More >

Modern Luxury Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Basement Remodel in McLean, VA

project profile Modern Luxury Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Basement Remodel in McLean, VA

Homeowner Challenge: This home originally featured a traditional floorplan and aesthetic that didn’t reflect the homeowner’s preferred contemporary style or fit the functionality of their everyday life. The kitchen, dining room and living room were each housed in closed-off spaces with opulent trim work and dated finishes. The master bathroom and closets lacked an easy flow and did not reflect the luxuries the rest of the home offered. The BOWA Solution: To transform the kitchen area, BOWA opened the walls to create easy sightlines from kitchen, to… Read More >

Bethesda Condo Renovation to Create Relaxing Retreat

project profile Bethesda Condo Renovation to Create Relaxing Retreat

Homeowner Challenge: Ready to downsize from her Bethesda house, our client wanted a smaller space that would be easier to take care of by herself but didn’t want to sacrifice the comforts of her single-family home. She purchased this unit for the wonderful location, but it was clear the layout would not be conducive to her lifestyle. A previous owner had added a closet that completely blocked the main hallway to the master bedroom, making the unit a maze of doors to get from one end to the other. Also, the… Read More >

Recent Remodeling Project Highlights – Spring 2019 Edition

Please enjoy these recent remodeling project highlights including stunning before and after photos.  To view more project profiles, please visit our Project Types section. Chevy Chase Whole-House Remodel The original home was compartmentalized and lacked easy flow between rooms, leaving it feeling dark, cold and closed off. The renovation opened and connected spaces to create a light-filled home with smooth transitions and comfortable areas for daily use and hosting. The new walled garden creates privacy for outdoor entertaining.  This wonderful project was also honored as a Grand Award Winner in the local Contractor of the Year competition.   ***************** Blending… Read More >

Understand Your Options Before Buying a Home to Remodel

If you or someone you know is contemplating buying a home, a BOWA Purchase Consultation should be part of the process. Unfortunately, many new buyers are disappointed after purchasing when they discover limitations that thwart their plans to remodel. Perhaps there are HOA or property restrictions, structural limitations or estimated remodeling costs are more than anticipated. A BOWA Purchase Consultation is the perfect way to evaluate your options. Stay & Remodel or Buy & Remodel We often find ourselves helping house hunters decide whether to stay in their existing home and remodel or buy something new and remodel.  The answer… Read More >

Kitchen Expansion and Outdoor Entertaining Area in Great Falls, VA

project profile Kitchen Expansion and Outdoor Entertaining Area in Great Falls, VA

Homeowner Challenge: This was an exciting renovation as our new client had purchased a custom home BOWA built in 2005 but wanted to make slight alterations to make the kitchen fit their lifestyle. The space was originally designed to accommodate cooking, with meals enjoyed in the formal dining room. The new homeowners wanted an informal dining area within the kitchen, while keeping the existing timeless style found throughout the rest of the home. The BOWA Solution: BOWA built a kitchen addition that incorporated the original design, cabinetry style… Read More >

Upscale Contemporary Renovation in Potomac, Maryland

project profile Upscale Contemporary Renovation in Potomac, Maryland

Homeowner Challenge: The owners wanted to create an upscale, contemporary space to exhibit their expansive art and antique collection. They envisioned a home with a gallery aesthetic including specialized lighting and a flowing floorplan to display their art. This one story home’s original construction included bulkheads that lowered the ceiling height throughout the house making a complex job for BOWA to create the open, flowing, modern floorplan the clients desired. The BOWA Solution: This project was unique in that the design was created entirely around the clients’ artwork collection. The flow of… Read More >

Traditional Brownstone Renovation in Washington, DC

project profile Traditional Brownstone Renovation in Washington, DC

Homeowner Challenge: After living in a BOWA Custom Home in Great Falls, these clients wanted to return to their roots and create an English inspired traditional brownstone in DC. They located a building with good bones in the right neighborhood then called BOWA to completely transform the existing interior to reflect a classic English floorplan and design aesthetic. The BOWA Solution: Once the project began, the BOWA team removed the entire interior of the home to recreate a traditional floorplan. With four floors, connected by a wide staircase, their new home includes… Read More >

Tips for Managing Pollen Season

The sun is shining, the trees are blooming, your nose may still be running, and your car is still covered in a dusting of that pesky green film that signals spring in the DC area. This season seemed to be particularly bad, and it’s not over yet. Don’t let the woes of allergies and daily car washes get you down this season. Here are a few tips to keep the annoyances of pollen at bay. Pollen Count Apps An easy way to manage your expectations is to download a pollen count app. Zyrtec AllergyCast, WebMD Allergy, and’s Allergy Alert… Read More >

Doug Horgan featured on The Versatex Way’s “A Building Science Perspective”

BOWA’s VP of Best Practices Doug Horgan makes a guest appearance on The Versatex Way, a podcast covering a variety of construction-related topics. In this episode, Doug shares his take on building science best practices and how things have evolved over the years.  Doug mentions some of his favorite tools and how he approaches trouble shooting and process improvement. A consummate learner, Doug explains how he got started in the industry, his path for continued learning and his love of teaching.  Doug details how he shares his insights with others in BOWA as well as the broader remodeling community.  He… Read More >

Custom Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Garage Renovation in Great Falls

project profile Custom Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Garage Renovation in Great Falls

Homeowner Challenge: This Great Falls home did not lack space, but the original layout made a large footprint feel small and dysfunctional. The kitchen layout was cumbersome for daily family use, the master bathroom’s intricate roofline made for an awkward layout, and the garage was overflowing with children’s toys and multiple full-size cars. This Great Falls family needed a better use of the space they already had. The BOWA Solution: BOWA’s solution involved rethinking the existing space instead of creating new. The kitchen received an upgrade from its… Read More >

BOWA Wins National CotY Award for Residential Interior Renovation in Reston Condo

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce that it has won the National CotY Award for Residential Interior over $150,000 in this year’s competition. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) announced BOWA’s award at their “Evening of Excellence” celebration April 12th in San Diego, California. Judging for this competition is based on problem solving, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation, and degree of difficulty by an impartial panel of industry experts. “We’re honored to be recognized on the national stage for this condo renovation,” said David Flyer, BOWA’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “As we expand our condominium remodeling… Read More >

BOWA’s Doug Horgan Featured in The Journal of Light Construction

Title: Roofing Details That Work: For good results, pay careful attention to flashing Featured On: JLC: The Journal of Light Construction, March 2019 Excerpt: “These methods we teach aren’t the only way to do any of this work, but they’re the techniques we’ve developed over many years of trial and error on hundreds of jobs. These details are guided in part by code, but more importantly, we’re guided by the goal of making sure we don’t have to come back and fix something after it’s built and has to face the weather. In our Maryland and Virginia climate, we have… Read More >

Is an Older Condo Building Right for You?

You likely have your “must-have” list if you’re on the hunt for the perfect condo.  Have you been searching in newer buildings and not finding the feel or features you want?  If so, an older condo building should be your next stop. It might come as a surprise, but the opportunities provided by purchasing in one of these established buildings in prime locations are abundant.  Our condo remodeling experts share some of our favorite perks: Older Condo Buildings Have Great Bones We know what you may be thinking, “Really? An old building? I don’t want to open Pandora’s box.”  But… Read More >

The Great Debate – Selecting Countertop Materials

We receive lots of questions when it comes to selecting countertop materials. What will look the best?  What’s the most bang for my buck?  How much maintenance is required?  These are all great questions, and important points to consider.  While we’re always here to educate and advise, ultimately, the best choice of countertops for you and your family is a personal decision.  Consider the following tips about a few options in today’s world of countertops. Granite Granite is a natural stone extracted from the earth, cut into sheets or slabs, and crafted with finishes such as polished, honed or leathered.… Read More >

Resident Building Scientist Doug Horgan to Speak at JLC Live Residential Construction Show

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce that our Vice President of Best Practices, Doug Horgan, will be speaking at this year’s JLC Live Residential Construction Show in Providence, Rhode Island. He will cover various aspects of building science and share the best practices he’s learned throughout his career in residential construction. Roofing Master Class: Ways to Build a Roof Wrong – and How to Avoid Them March 28th, 9:30am-12:30pm Drawing on BOWA’s roofing trade standard and in-company supervisor training classes, this engaging presentation will walk through case studies of real world problems, and the solutions both as retrofits… Read More >

A Discount on BOWA Remodeling? Act Now for our 2019 Summer Design Discount

Start designing your next project with BOWA and be one step closer to your HOT savings! Are you interested in a BOWA-quality remodel for less? If so, BOWA’s Summer Design Discount is the answer and now’s the time to get started! This value-driven program offers homeowners the high standard of quality, service and aftercare that has earned BOWA the loyalty of so many clients at a significantly reduced cost. The 2019 program is LIMITED TO 5 DESIGN BUILD PROJECTS and is offered in exchange for some flexibility in a winter start date (2019-2020). Given the response in previous years, we… Read More >

Master Bathroom Filled with Natural Light in McLean

project profile Master Bathroom Filled with Natural Light in McLean, Virginia

Homeowner Challenge: The homeowners appreciated many of the “his and hers” elements of their original bathroom, but they disliked the builder-grade finishes, lack of natural light and awkward floorplan. They turned to BOWA for help in transforming the space. The BOWA Solution: The In-House Design Team created a new floorplan that incorporates the separate toilet rooms, vanities and walk-in closets the clients enjoyed from their original bathroom while emphasizing the natural light from existing windows. Now, after entering though the hallway from the master bedroom, “her” side is to… Read More >

How to Design Spaces that Incorporate Your Individual Style

In the remodeling world, we talk about design trends yearly, monthly, even weekly. You can read five design magazines and get five different answers on the best colors, selections, and floorplans for your new space. Ultimately, it’s your space and your investment. We have created spaces for homeowners with a wide array of styles and needs. Here are a few ways individual style preferences and creative solutions have been incorporated into our recent renovations: Uniquely His and Hers Bathroom In a recent McLean master bathroom remodel, our clients each wanted to express their individual styles, in one shared space. BOWA’s… Read More >

BOWA Featured in Bob Vila List of Beautiful Basements

Featured On:, February 2019 Excerpt: “Give your unfinished basement a new lease on life. With the help of designers, these homeowners turned their drab basements into stylish entertainment and relaxation destinations. Forget TV rooms, dens, and guest suites. These inspired hideaways are the new look for finished basements…Keep in shape the fun way—with an indoor sports pitch. This BOWA-designed room, complete with cushioned walls, rubberized floors, and a basketball hoop, could help transform determined amateurs into champions…Is it a theater or an arena? In this sports-themed basement from BOWA, stadium-style signage, carpeting that mimics perfectly mowed grass, and a… Read More >

Middleburg Eccentric – Give in to Your Urge to Hibernate

Featured In: Middleburg Eccentric, January 2019 Excerpt: “A fire in the fireplace, snow falling outside, and a warm beverage to keep you extra toasty. The bitter cold of winter has certainly arrived leaving many folks retreating indoors.  From large-scale to do it yourself, here are a few ideas to keep your time inside entertaining and productive….Binge-Watch in Style: Curl up with your family for movie night or binge-watch a new show.  Perhaps a high-tech media room, complete with theater seating and a popcorn maker, is on your wish list…Indulge in Creativity: Imagination isn’t just for children.  If one of your… Read More >

BOWA Named #1 in “The Best Custom Home Builders in Washington”

Featured On: Home Builder Digest, February 18, 2019 Excerpt: “…If you live in D.C. or are about to move there, we’ve handpicked the top 11 custom home builders in Washington, DC and surrounding areas to help you make a choice when it comes to building a customized home. We considered the firms that have worked on notable projects, those that have won numerous awards, and we also factored in the experience these firms would bring to your potential project. If you are looking to build the home of your dreams in Washington, DC, you will find a contractor on this… Read More >

BOWA Wins Local and Regional CotY Awards in 2019 Competition

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce that it has won three CotY Awards in this year’s local and regional competitions. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) announced BOWA placed first in two local categories, Residential Kitchen over $150,000 and Entire House over $1,000,000, at their “Evening of Excellence” celebration on February 9th. NARI also announced BOWA’s entry for Residential Interior over $150,000 earned top honors at the regional competition and will be entered into the national competition. Judging for this competition is based on problem solving, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, innovation, and degree of difficulty by an… Read More >

Making Sense and Cents of Residential Remodeling

The Four Categories of Residential Remodeling   In this first video of his Making Sense and Cents series, Project Leader Steve Scholl walks you through the four main categories of residential remodeling: Cosmetic, Pull & Replace, Custom, and Pull & Replace with Custom Selections. Stay tuned for more videos from Steve to help you make both sense and cents in your own residential remodeling ventures. For more information on Steve, his recent projects, and what his clients have to say about working with, read more here: Steve Scholl… Read More >

BOWA is Washingtonian Magazine’s Face of Luxury Condo Renovations

  The Face of Luxury Condo Renovations With over two decades of condo experience, luxury condominium renovations represent 20 percent of BOWA’s projects annually. Given the specialized nature of this work and increasing demand, BOWA recently launched a dedicated Condo Division. BOWA’s condominium projects range from kitchens and baths to whole-unit and combined-unit renovations, in buildings from DC to Reston and Bethesda to Alexandria. The team has established relationships with management, boards and clients in over 33 buildings across the region. BOWA’s architects are well-versed in the intricacies and nuances of condo design, like optimizing space, ensuring privacy and easing… Read More >

Give in to Your Urge to Hibernate and Enjoy your Time Inside

A fire in the fireplace, snow falling outside, and a warm beverage to keep you extra toasty. The bitter cold of winter has certainly arrived leaving many folks retreating indoors. From large-scale to do it yourself, here are a few ideas to keep your time inside entertaining and productive. Binge-Watch in Style Curl up with your family for movie night or binge-watch a new show. Perhaps a high-tech media room, complete with theater seating and a popcorn maker, is on your wish list. While hardcore movie buffs might still insist on traditional, dedicated theaters, many families are opting for media… Read More >

Contemporary Condominium Remodel in Reston, Virginia

project profile Contemporary Condominium Remodel in Reston, Virginia

Homeowner Challenge: When downsizing from her single-family house, the homeowner wanted to combine the luxuries she enjoyed in her larger home with the conveniences of condo living. Large windows with beautiful views and an open-concept kitchen were at the top of her list for her new space. The unit she ultimately purchased had windows with perfect views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance and community park below but lacked the open layout she desired. The kitchen was closed off to the rest of the living area with an odd floorplan… Read More >

Georgetown Rowhome Renovation Delivers Chic Design and Functionality

project profile Georgetown Rowhome Renovation Delivers Chic Design and Functionality

Homeowner Challenge: This young couple’s Georgetown rowhome in Washington, DC had a traditional, closed layout. The kitchen was small and dark, and the space was not used efficiently. Additionally, the style was dated and didn’t match the liveliness and lifestyle of our clients. The homeowners also wished to keep a small outdoor area for entertaining and relaxing. The BOWA Solution: Our clients had small, but specific requests that influenced the design. They wanted to fit two full-size barstools at the kitchen island and create a designated dining area in the… Read More >

Spring Valley Home Renovated to Enhance Charm and Rectify Quirks

project profile Spring Valley Home Renovated to Enhance Charm and Rectify Quirks

Homeowner Challenge: This single-family home in DC’s Spring Valley neighborhood provides our clients the charm of an older home and the convenience of an in-town location. Unfortunately, as in most older homes, the character they loved came with quirks. When it was originally built, the owners wanted to save a large tree in the backyard and to do so, built the house at a slight angle. The tree eventually died, but the crooked home remained. The next owners built a rear addition, which included 1-2 stairs up or… Read More >

Remodeling Magazine – Industrial Chic for a Traditional Row House

Featured In: Remodeling, November 2018 Excerpt: “Like many East Coast row homes, this 1885 townhouse has a long, narrow plan with windows only at the front and the back. This leaves a gloomy middle area on each floor level that wasn’t working for the young couple who purchased the townhouse in the historic Dupont Circle neighborhood of Old D.C. Contracting with BOWA, they asked for the traditional row house to be transformed into a light-filled, open-area home with a thoroughly modern aesthetic. The BOWA Solution Contracted for a whole-house renovation, the BOWA team began with a redesign of the creaky… Read More >

BOWA Named “The Best General Contractor in Virginia”

Featured On: General Contractors Magazine, November 27, 2018 Excerpt: “…This list has narrowed down all of the best general contractors in the state- award-winning remodelers who serve Virginia and the D.C.-Maryland Metroplex….#1) BOWA:  Larry Weinberg and Josh Baker established BOWA in 1988 with only a $5K investment from them each. By the end of the year, they had earned $300,000 and hired four employees for their team. This fruitful first year urged the founders to make their services more customer-centered, and now they report that 80-90% of their clients are either referrals or repeat customers. After 30 years, the firm … Read More >

Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen Renovation in McLean

project profile Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen Renovation in McLean

This McLean couple fell in love with a beautiful Tuscan Villa they once visited, and wanted to recreate that cherished feeling at home. BOWA achieved this style by designing a beautiful kitchen with faux gold finishes, an Italian inspired mosaic backsplash and detail at the fireplace. Traditionally styled décor pieces helped to complete the look. // Return to Previous Page… Read More >

BOWA Launches New Condo Division

While BOWA has been doing condo renovations for more than two decades, this sector has been steadily increasing as a percentage of our work in recent years.  Currently, condominium remodeling represents about 20 percent of our yearly projects.  Given the highly specialized nature of this work and all signs indicating that demand will continue to increase, BOWA has officially launched a new Condo Division focused on growing this portion of the business. Leading BOWA’s new Condo Division will be Adam Wertheimer as Vice President, and Steve Kirstein, Principal.  These two have led most of our condo projects over the years… Read More >

Tricks and Treats to Keep Your Home Functional This Fall

The air is getting cooler, leaves are falling from trees, and with the holidays ahead, there’s no better time to make your home a priority! If they haven’t already, family and friends will start to pour through your doors to spend quality time inside. Here are some tricks to improve functionality and make your home cozier, so your family has more time to enjoy the season’s treats: Make your Family Foyer a Priority With cooler temperatures, come heavy outerwear and footwear. Make sure your family foyer, or mudroom, is ready to handle the additional gear by removing your summer items.… Read More >

Williamsburg Inspired Design Details in New Pool House Construction

project profile Williamsburg Inspired Design Details in New Pool House Construction

Homeowner Challenge: Our clients in Great Falls knew their original pool house was underperforming. The landscaping around the pool area created a serious problem with water runoff whenever it rained, and the building’s basic design with a small kitchenette, limited HVAC, and dated style was not conducive to the entertaining area they desired. The clients saw the potential to make this underutilized area of their home useful, beautiful and the ultimate staycation getaway. The BOWA Solution: The design of this project started first with landscape to create three distinct… Read More >

For More Functionality Rethink Your Home’s Existing Footprint

A common misconception about remodeling your home is the idea that you need to add on to get more useful space. While additions can be a great way to create the extra space or functionality you and your family need, they aren’t always necessary. In some of our recent projects, the solution to more functionality wasn’t an addition but instead reimagining their existing footprint.  For instance, how many times a year do you use your formal dining room? Usually, it’s reserved for special occasions and holidays and the other 300+ days out of the year it collects dust. In two… Read More >

Bright Kitchen Renovation and Kids Bedroom Addition in McLean

project profile Bright Main Level Renovation with Kids Bedroom Addition in McLean

Homeowner Challenge: In this project, our clients needed more room to fit their growing family and better functionality. Their kitchen and main level were sectioned off and unwelcoming, and there was no room for their two boys to have their own space. The BOWA team needed to help them rethink their existing space, while also looking at adding more. The BOWA Solution: BOWA’s In-House Design Team set out to make this home more efficient for the family. On the main level, space was absorbed from existing dining and… Read More >

Country Loft Townhome Renovation in Loudoun County

project profile Country Loft Townhome Renovation in Loudoun County

Homeowner Challenge: Our client was one of the first to purchase in his townhome community in 2005. As his family grew, he realized the traditional structured-room concept on the first level of his home wasn’t conducive to their lifestyle. It felt sectioned off as a formal dining room, office, kitchen and living room were all in separate spaces. With builder-grade finishes, the home lacked the rustic character the family desired and the easy flow they needed for their family. The BOWA Solution: BOWA’s In-House Design Team worked closely with the client… Read More >

BOWA Wins Two Great American Living Awards in 2018 Competition

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce that it has won two Great American Living Awards for Best Design and Architecture in Renovations or Additions Over $1,000,000 and Best Design and Architecture in Renovations or Additions Under $500,000. BOWA’s projects were judged on best combination of design excellence, value and overall quality of living and presented by Presented by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association, Washington Metropolitan Sales & Marketing Council, and the Maryland Building Industry Association. The design and renovation for the whole-house remodel in Chevy Chase focused on connecting and opening existing spaces to create cohesion throughout… Read More >

JLC – Dealing With Out-of-Level Kitchen Ceilings

Featured In: Journal of Light Construction, October 2018 Excerpt: “When you’re remodeling a kitchen, it’s rare to find a floor that’s actually level—stranger still if the walls are plumb and the ceiling is level as well. While it’s normal for carpenters and cabinet installers to adjust for some variations in a room, we sometimes need to work with rooms that aren’t even close to level. I recently presented a conference on this topic at JLC Live. In that session, I covered floors, ceilings, and walls that were out of level and plumb, but here I’ll focus on ceilings. Leave the… Read More >

BOWA Team Honored with 2 PROS Awards in 2018 Industry Competition

BOWA would like to congratulate our two nominees and winners of the 2018 PROS Awards! Fredy Villatoro:  Best Field Technician, Customer Service Jim Greenzweig:  Best Remodeling Project Manager The 2018 PROS Awards, sponsored by the Maryland Building Industry Association, recognize the dedication and hard work of customer service managers, project managers and superintendents who go above and beyond in all aspects of residential construction. Nominees were submitted by their employers and judged on their accomplishments in the 2017 calendar year, construction knowledge, focus on quality, scope of work and relationship with customers. Winners were announced at MBIA’s End of Summer… Read More >

Transitional Style with Contemporary Finishes in Reston Whole-House Remodel

project profile Transitional Style with Contemporary Finishes in Reston Whole-House Remodel

Homeowner Challenge: Our client’s previous home was a large, custom house that provided more space, but left the family feeling distant from each other. She desired a smaller footprint, with a more comfortable environment for her three daughters. When she found this home by a lake in Reston, she saw its potential as a “cozy treehouse” filled with light. However, it needed a renovation to take it from dated and inefficient to the comfortable, inviting home of her dreams. The BOWA Solution: The design included updating the entire home… Read More >

BOWA’s Tim Burch Featured in Netflix Series

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce that Tim Burch will make a guest appearance as Project Manager on Netflix’s original series Stay Here. In the first episode, Tim joins TLC’s Trading Spaces star Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer to transform a historic DC firehouse into one of the city’s most unique AirBnB rentals. While a production schedule such as this is not appropriate for a “real world” whole-house remodel, watch as he and the team work around the clock to renovate the two-story loft apartment in only three days. This isn’t Tim’s first time managing… Read More >

BOWA Has 2 Beautiful Projects Featured in Home & Design

We’re honored that two of our recent projects are featured in Home & Design magazine’s May/June issue. The first highlights a stunning, contemporary condo renovation in the Watergate, which had recently won both a local and regional Contractor of the Year award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).  The project also won a Great American Living Award (GALA) from NVBIA and MBIA for Best Design and Architecture, Renovations or Additions over $1,000,000. In the article, BOWA’s Steve Kirstein explains how the team of condo renovation experts was able to transform the space, which had undergone a poorly… Read More >

Basement Remodel in McLean Perfect for Entertaining

project profile Basement Renovation in McLean Perfect for Entertaining

Homeowner Challenge: Our client recently moved from a townhome to this single-family home in McLean. With more space, he was excited to do more entertaining. However, he knew the basement would remain underutilized if something wasn’t done to address the closed-off feeling and darkness in that level of the home. He wanted to maximize the space to entertain guests and allow easy access to the backyard pool area. The BOWA Solution: In this basement remodel, the BOWA team opened the space by removing one of the bedrooms in the basement, which… Read More >

Tudor Whole-House Remodel in Chevy Chase, MD

project profile Tudor Whole-House Remodel in Chevy Chase, MD

Homeowner Challenge: This Tudor-style home in Chevy Chase lacked flow of both the floorplan and natural light. The original main-level layout was very compartmentalized and void of easy connections between rooms, leaving the space feeling dark, cold and closed off. The small kitchen had no room for entertaining, while other rooms were left underutilized due to the awkward layout. The master suite only had one small walk-in closet and a dated bathroom. Ultimately, the homeowner desired an open floorplan and more usable space to enjoy with her children and grandchildren when… Read More >

Transitional Row Home Remodel in Georgetown, DC

project profile Transitional Row Home Remodel in Georgetown, DC

Homeowner Challenge: The space available in this end-unit brownstone is enviable for any row home in DC. The bones of the home were perfect for our clients and their growing family, but updates needed to be made to the basement, kitchen and master bathroom to make the home more efficient for family life. The basement was dark and unwelcoming, and the original layout did not meet the family’s needs. The master bathroom was cramped and in serious need of a refresh. Key elements throughout the home needed to be updated to… Read More >

Modern Whole-House Renovation in Arlington, Virginia

project profile Modern Whole-House Renovation in Arlington, Virginia

Homeowner Challenge: The cookie-cutter aesthetic of this home did not match the owner’s sleek, contemporary design ideas. It originally featured traditional, beige tones in the fixtures, walls and floors, which felt dated and old-fashioned. The kitchen and master bathroom both functioned awkwardly, and the staircase was an unwelcoming focal point at the main entrance of the house. The homeowner knew a renovation could make this house a modern oasis. The BOWA Solution: By carefully selecting design details and reconfiguring rooms, the home was transformed into a contemporary space. The staircase went from… Read More >