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Remodeling for the Second Half in the “Big Game of Life”

What adjustments are you planning to make in your home to ensure your long-term comfort and safety? For many of us, when it comes to our homes, the “Big Game of Life” plays out in two halves. The first being when we’re in growth mode: building careers, raising families and adding on. The focus is usually short-term or immediate. Perhaps we’ve just moved into a home that needs major changes to suit our active lifestyle. Or, growing children now crave a space of their own. Or we’re trying to create the “neighborhood destination,” a great indoor or outdoor space to… Read More >

Getting Started with the Right Remodeling Partner

Is now the time to jump into that project you’ve been considering, but you don’t know how to get started? In my opinion, finding the right fit in a renovation partner is the first and most critical step to setting the stage for a successful remodeling project and great client experience. Your overall experience from the beginning of design through completion and beyond will be directly related to the person and company with whom you choose to partner. That’s the most important decision you’ll make, not what to do or how much to spend, but who you choose to help… Read More >