Designer’s Desk: The Truth About Trends

Classic Design is Timeless Let’s talk about design trends! In my most humble design opinion, classic design is always on trend and will never go out of style. There is just something about clean lines and a neutral palette that works across numerous design styles and personal tastes. Taking a minimalist approach and reducing excess ornamentation, decoration, and clutter offers a sleeker and more sophisticated outcome. See below for an example of how less is definitely more! This kitchen will stand the test of time with its warm & natural palette, rich wood tones, and complimentary white cabinets & countertops.… Read More >

Worried About a Renovation Being Too Disruptive?

BOWA Experts Are Here to Make Sure Your Remodeling Experience is Manageable and Stress Free The beauty of a renovation project is being able to add, update, or take away the features necessary to make your home more suitable for your family and lifestyle. However, the thought of your busy home turning into a construction zone, or the time you’ll need to spend supervising can leave you questioning even the most rewarding projects. At BOWA, we understand, which is why we go the extra mile to provide our clients with the most manageable remodeling experience possible. We’ve finetuned our processes… Read More >

BOWA Welcomes Newest Middleburg Project Leader

AWARD-WINNING DESIGN BUILD FIRM ANNOUNCES JEFF WEEKS HAS JOINED THE BOWA TEAM McLean, Va. – BOWA, a luxury design build remodeling firm that utilizes its proven processes, vast team of experts, and ability to uncover clients’ needs to deliver remarkable client experiences, announces that Jeff Weeks has joined the team as its newest Project Leader. Jeff brings over 25 years of experience in the residential remodeling industry. Working from BOWA’s Middleburg location, Weeks will join Tim Burch in guiding clients in Loudoun and Fauquier counties through the home remodeling process from initial consultation, through design, construction, and beyond. “We are… Read More >

10 Outdoor Living Ideas to Consider for Your Renovation

BOWA - 10 Outdoor Living Ideas - Sitting Area with Firepit
It’s pretty wonderful when the stars align and you find yourself with the time, perfect weather and space you love to enjoy outdoor time with family and friends.  If you’re contemplating an outdoor renovation, you should think about all the ways you could use the space before tackling your design. Consider these 10 outdoor living ideas to create areas that everyone will love. 1) Family Room: Create an inviting family space complete with comfy furnishings, fans and a firepit. 2) Outdoor Kitchen: Go all out and create an outdoor kitchen that you can enjoy throughout the year, perhaps with a… Read More >

Away, by BOWA – For When you Need to Manage your Renovation Remotely

Away, by BOWA℠ is our propriety process for ensuring residential renovation success while you’re away. BOWA’s team of experts is well versed in planning and executing renovations for clients who are out of area, whether it’s due to travel, a second home, or one party being elsewhere for business. Our goal is to accommodate your needs for ease, efficiency, and staying informed, while saving you the hassle of traveling back to the DC area for regular meetings and project oversight. When it comes to project feasibility, project planning, progress updates/oversight, and home management, you can trust that all steps of… Read More >

Paul Montenegro and Steve Scholl Join BOWA’s Ownership Program

They’re the Latest Additions to the Group of 18 Employees Representing All Facets of the Business McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce two new company owners, Paul Montenegro and Steve Scholl. With their additions to the Ownership Program, BOWA now has 18 employee owners, including a field technician, several project managers, customer service professionals, project leaders and early-on employees and founders. In 1999, BOWA became one of the first remodelers in the nation to offer ownership shares to senior executives. Later, in 2007, the company broadened the Ownership Program making it available to all employees who have been… Read More >

Is Your Remodeling Project Ready to Start?

BOWA Renovation Ready to Start
Let’s have a quick hypothetical conversation. You say to me, “Hey TJ, can you start construction on my project next week?” I say to you, “Sure, we could – anyone could.” Here’s the thing – starting construction fast is actually pretty easy. I could swing by your place today and make some holes in your walls. That wouldn’t be particularly helpful though, and I don’t think you’d be very happy with me afterward. The question you want to be asking is, “When will construction of my project be finished?” Thoughtfully designing and planning a project so that it is ready… Read More >

Use the Holidays to Plan your Perfect Renovation

BOWA Design Build - Use the Holidays to Help with your Renovation Planning 2
Hard to believe that the holidays are upon us already!  Whether you’ll have a bustling full house or quiet family gatherings this year, the holidays are a great time to evaluate the functionality of your spaces. For instance, when family and friends arrive, where do they gather? Do guests feel welcomed and comfortable or in the way?  Are they able to mingle easily?  Does your home suit your family’s lifestyle? If you’re considering a renovation, the holidays are the perfect time to start your planning!  When the dishes are put away and you put your feet up to relax, think… Read More >

Tile Trends to Consider for your Next Renovation

BOWA Design Build Kitchen and Owner's Bath Renovation in Great Falls, VA
When it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bath, tile is one of those areas where the only thing wider than the range of prices is the number of choices available.  With options ranging from classic subway tiles and geometrics to exotic imports and dramatic metallics, there is certainly something for every style, goal and budget. Following are some of the tile trends that are HOT today. Subway Tiles: While white subway tiles are a timeless neutral, variations of this classic are becoming quite popular.  Designers are playing with pastels, colors, sizes, finishes, grout color and layouts to give these… Read More >

Experience, Advocacy, and Technology Drive Results in Luxury Condo Remodels

BOWA’s Luxury Condo Renovation Specialists Have the Experience You Need for Success With all the time spent in the home over the last eighteen months, you may be starting to wonder about the different ways you could breathe new life into your condo. Maybe you’re considering updating the kitchen or bath, installing state-of-the-art technology, creating storage solutions, updating the style, or reconfiguring the entire space. BOWA’s team of luxury condo renovation specialists is ready to harness the power of their experience, team approach to client advocacy, and technologies to deliver the best solution for you. Experience Matters While there are… Read More >

Fall-Friendly Considerations For Your Outdoor Renovation

As the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to consider those outdoor spaces that aren’t as utilized due to the summer heat. The backyard is an often convenient retreat to nature mere steps away from the home, and in this age of telework, is a welcome place to decompress and unwind while enjoying the evening breeze. By renovating the outdoor sections of your home, you can create the perfect setting to entertain, relax with family, or cool off when the sun shines a little too bright. The following are some items to keep in mind whenever you’re thinking of an… Read More >

Remodeling Safely Despite the Pandemic

Outdoor Living Renovation in Potomac, MD
Area families enjoying their new spaces and thankful they moved forward with their projects Throughout the pandemic, the safe harbor of our homes has come to mean so much more than ever before.  With the increased amount of time spent around the house, we are enjoying the things that are working well, and not surprisingly, have become laser-focused on the areas that need anything from a little refresh to a major renovation.  But, as folks remain cautious about coronavirus and the related variants, many question whether remodeling can be done safely at this time.  The answer is yes when safety… Read More >

Four Must-Haves for Your Dream Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen and Owners' Suite Renovation in Leesburg, VA
What is a dream bathroom renovation? Well, a dream bathroom is anything that YOU want YOUR bathroom to be! One person may want a large soaking tub that is surrounded by candles, while another may prioritize a large walk-in shower that can be turned on from their cozy bed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dream bathrooms as long as you do not limit your imagination. Here are four must-have items in your dream bathroom: Walk-in Shower or Shower Room A walk-in shower or shower room can make your bathroom look larger, plus you can fill this space… Read More >

5 Design Trends for 2021 – The Fresh Prince, Hide-and-Seek, and Ceiling Area Rugs

5 Design Trends for 2021 - Subtle Ceiling Details
BOWA’s VP of Design TJ Monahan shares what he expects to see in 2021 renovations With 2021 here, I’d like to take a minute – I’m tempted to quote the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song here, but I figured the first line of the blog post wasn’t the best spot to lose anyone who isn’t up to speed on their 90’s pop culture trivia – nah forget it, I’m doing it – I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you all the design trends you might see this year.  Still with me?  OK, we… Read More >

Great Transformations: Don’t Miss These Renovation Before and After Photos

BOWA Design Design Build - DC Kitchen Renovaiton Before & After
People always ask for renovation before and after photos to both see the remarkable results of our work, as well as to provide inspiration for their own projects.  We hope you will enjoy these.  Of course, if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to be of assistance, let us know. Before and After Renovation of Kitchen and Owners’ Bath in Great Falls Before and After Renovation of Kitchen and Owners’ Bath in Leesburg, VA Before and After Renovation of Transitional Kitchen in Washington, DC Before and After Renovation of Chic Georgetown Kitchen Master Bathroom… Read More >

What Changes Have You Made to Your Home Since COVID-19?

Coronavirus Home Renovations - Create a Home Office
A chat with BOWA’s VP of Design TJ Monahan about his home projects during COVID With coronavirus numbers ticking back up, it’s likely that many of us are still hunkering down in our homes with our “pod” of family and perhaps a few close friends.  Having been at this since March, it’s also likely that our homes have taken on many new roles…everyday office for one or more, schoolhouse, gym, restaurant, outdoor entertainment venue and more. But how can we make our homes work in all these new ways? We chatted with TJ Monahan, BOWA’s VP of Design, to find… Read More >

It’s Time for Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance - Gutters
Waking up to chilly mornings and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING reminds us that it’s time to tackle our fall home maintenance list.  A regular schedule of maintenance throughout the year is critical to keeping your home healthy and family safe.  These baseline preventative steps are a good start. Gutters, Downspouts & Low-Slope Roof Maintenance: Inspect these items and carefully remove any accumulated debris.  This check should be completed four times per year to ensure effective draining and avoid damage caused by trapped and accumulated water. Surface & Underground Drains: It is important to check and clear surface and underground drains at… Read More >

Designer’s Desk: How to Enhance Wellness Through Better Lighting

Lighting & Wellness - Effect of Lighting on Your Body Rhythm
6 Tips for Optimizing Your Lighting and Your Life We all depend on artificial light to help us perform basic tasks every day. But did you know that lighting has an enormous impact on your health? The amount of light and the type of light you are exposed to causes physiological changes in your body that affect your mental and physical wellbeing. While we cannot always control how much light we are exposed to throughout the day, we do have the ability to control the type of lighting we expose ourselves to in our homes. Natural Light The best type… Read More >

Before You Purchase a House to Remodel, View These Tips – Webinar Video

Burch 10 Things to Know before you purchase a house to Remodel On Demand Webinar
BOWA’s Tim Burch shares 10 Things to Consider Before You Purchase a House to Remodel. Too many times, we’ve had to deliver the upsetting news to new homebuyers: the remodeling project they planned for their new purchase is not feasible. With a little due diligence and experience, the buyer’s disappointment could have been avoided. To help ensure you’re making an educated purchase, learn the steps you should be taking and the experts you should consult before purchasing a house to remodel.  When you are ready to move forward, learn how we can help with a Purchase Consultation. If you have… Read More >

Tips for Planning a Home Gym to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Basement Renovation McLean Virginia
We work out.  For many of us it’s an essential part of our daily routine and staying active is key to maintaining physical, emotional, and mental health.  But, making time for exercise when life gets busy with family and career can be challenging, perhaps even more so now.  With gyms, studios and fitness classes operating at reduced capacity, and folks staying closer to home, are you thinking about carving out space for a home gym?  What should you discuss with your remodeling team as you plan a space that will accommodate your family’s various workout regimens?  Following are some items… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – How Our Team Likes to Keep Fit

BOWA Our Favorite Things
We love fitness. So much so that a recent BOWA strategy retreat opened with a morning bike ride which included a loop around the monuments and the National Mall. Car and pedestrian traffic was very light, and it reminded us how much our city has to offer. Everywhere we looked, folks were working out in and around our beautiful public spaces! In addition to runners and bike riders, there were many clusters of small groups exercising together. We also spotted personal trainers sending their clients up and down the steps of the National Gallery of Art. Even though fitness clubs… Read More >

Project Feasibility Tips to Avoid Hearing “You Can’t Do That” Later – Webinar Recording

Project Feasibility Tips BOWA Webinar
BOWA’s Tim Burch shares project feasibility tips for how to minimize setbacks while planning and executing your next renovation. When planning a home renovation or addition it’s important to complete your due diligence upfront to research any ordinances or restrictions that may affect your project. Unfortunately, homeowners and contractors often forget important steps during this project feasibility phase, which sometimes leads to wasted time and money or abandoned projects. Hear what Tim suggests for getting your renovation, new home or equestrian project off to a smooth start! If you have additional questions or need help evaluating your options, please contact… Read More >

Designer’s Desk: 7 Concepts of Wellness Design Every Homeowner Should Understand

Wellness Design Encouraging movement and self-care - Photo from BOWA Archives
The Time Has Come to Treat Our Homes as an Investment in our Wellness The era of COVID-19 has caused us to re-evaluate many aspects of our daily lives. Before the pandemic, the home was a place to recharge and enjoy time with our families. Now, for many of us, home is also our office, classroom, gym, and more. Suddenly, our home is expected to take on the characteristics of all these places. More than ever, we are blurring the lines between home, work, and leisure. What does this mean for our mental and physical wellbeing and how can we… Read More >

Stay & Remodel or Buy & Remodel – Webinar Recording

Does your home fall short when it comes to meeting your family’s evolving needs but you’re unsure of your options? BOWA’s Chris Smith and Washington Fine Properties’ Alyssa Crilley share helpful tips to consider when evaluating the right path for your home and family. Our team has vast experience helping families decide whether to stay and remodel their current homes or purchase something new, and share insight into the process for each.  If you’re torn between remodeling and moving, this on-demand webinar and a purchase consultation is for you.  If you have additional questions or need help evaluating your options,… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Outdoor Spaces at Home

BOWA Our Favorite Things
Despite the recent string of storms that blew through this week, the weather has been fantastic and we’re obsessed with being outside!  While things are beginning to open up in the metropolitan area, many of us are still sticking close to home and our outdoor spaces have become a haven for family…and now maybe a handful of friends. What are you planning for your outside spaces?  Whether it’s a backyard movie night for the kids or a cozy chat by the firepit, there’s sure to be something for everyone.  By the way, if you have a green thumb, you might… Read More >

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Outdoor Space

BOWA Outdoor spaces for extended enjoyment
For many of us, nothing beats relaxing in the comfort of our own outdoor retreat.  But is your outdoor space usable in the hot summer and chilly winter?  It is possible to enjoy an outdoor room much of the year if you plan ahead and incorporate features into the design that will make the space more comfortable as temperatures rise or fall.  Following are some items to consider and discuss with your design team when you’re trying to get the most out of your outdoor space. Hot Weather In the summer months heat can make the outdoor entertaining downright unbearable. … Read More >

7 Questions to Ask to Remodel with Confidence – Webinar Recording

Jumping into a remodeling project can feel like a big leap, but there are questions you can ask yourself, your family and the firms you’re interviewing to help you move forward with confidence knowing you’ll get the experience and results you desire. BOWA’s Josh Baker, a remodeling veteran with over 32 years of experience, shares the questions and other inside tips to help anyone considering a renovation. If you have additional questions on how to achieve a successful remodeling experience or there is anything else we can do to be of assistance, please contact us.  … Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Shows

BOWA Our Favorite Things
With many of us still spending much of our time at home, our streaming services are certainly getting a workout! Maybe your guilty pleasure is a reality series on an island, includes a rose ceremony or features big cats. Perhaps you’re streaming every season of your favorite sit-com, learning about our planet or idolizing iconic sports figures. If you’ve got a “hanker’n” to check out the show many of us are watching, you may want to first view this informative tutorial on Ozark slang. While Ozark appears to be the most popular, this week’s list includes some of the other… Read More >

Healthy-Home Secrets from BOWA’s Building Scientist – Webinar Recording

BOWA’s experts, Lisa Magee and Doug Horgan, discuss tips for improving the health and happiness of your home. This session provides an introduction to air quality, the impact of light and the orientation of surroundings, and they share how these things can be modified to create a healthy home and improve your happiness. There are plenty of helpful Q&As at the end, and you’re sure to walk away with some helpful information. Doug even shares his recommendation for brands of LED bulbs and his favorite in-home air quality monitor. If you have additional questions on the subject or there is… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Movies

BOWA Our Favorite Things
There’s nothing like a big, musical movie number to get your toes tapping. It’s even better when the leading man and leading lady nail the big jump!  In 1987’s iconic film Dirty Dancing the last dance of the summer is filled with the joy of music and movement. We cant wait to be able to dance together again. Until then we think this dancer’s solo interpretation of the classic scene may have you rolling in the aisles. Since we’re all in this together, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite things to bring a… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Recipes

BOWA Our Favorite Things
We’re all familiar with the classic film, The Sound of Music and this line from the famous song, “When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don’t feel so bad…”  (You might even get a chuckle from this parody of the song!) Since we’re all in this together, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite things to bring a smile to your face and help you pass the time! Our inaugural list includes some of the BOWA Team’s favorite recipes that… Read More >

Coronavirus Safety Measures – Keeping our Clients, Employees and the Community Safe

BOWA Coronavirus Safety - Distancing
During this unprecedented battle against coronavirus, the safety of our clients, employees and community is our top priority. We understand that, while we are still permitted to work in clients’ homes, this is a privilege that comes with tremendous responsibility. Our employees take this responsibility to heart and are following enhanced precautions to ensure we are operating in accordance with all Federal and jurisdictional guidelines during construction, project planning and post-project support. Following are some of the coronavirus safety measures our team is taking: Masks are required for all employees, subcontractors and visitors entering a home. This applies to active… Read More >

Virtual Renovation Design: Challenging Times Encourage Us to Work Smarter

BOWA Virtual Renovation Design - Zoom
BOWA Has the Tools and Experience to Safely and Productively Collaborate with Clients Remotely Despite the Current Coronavirus Situation The understatement of the day is this is certainly an interesting time for all of us. Between a declared coronavirus pandemic and the related economic uncertainty, we’re all still trying to figure out what this means for our families, communities, businesses and country. Some might look at the current situation and shutdown in panic.  While others might recognize that this too shall pass, and often, in times of adversity, we’ve discovered some of our greatest strengths and advances as people and… Read More >

BOWA Free Design Services – A Thank You to Our Community

As a thank you to our community, we’re offering 4 hours of design advice on us! When faced with challenges, the comfort and security of our homes mean more to us than ever. But even the little things can make a huge difference when we’re spending more time at home. BOWA is here to help with it all! Whether you need help selecting a color palette, laying out furniture or getting started on a kitchen renovation, give us a call to tap into the the knowledge of our experienced designers. Our Design Team is ready to learn about your challenges,… Read More >

Condo Remodeling Storage Tips – Capturing Extra Space

BOWA Design Build Renovation - Corner Cabinet Storage
Many of our condo renovations are for clients downsizing from single-family homes. In their original houses, storage was rarely a concern with walk-in master closets, custom built-ins, and large kitchens with ample cabinetry. While condominiums don’t always offer these spacious luxuries, we have found ways to increase storage options with creative design solutions. If you’re interested in maximizing every square inch, here are some condo remodeling storage tips to consider. Expand the Master Closet Many master suites include a fair amount of “extra” or underutilized space. Besides the necessary functions, they may also feature separate spaces for a desk, small… Read More >

Even our Pets Get a Place of Their Own

With surveys indicating that nearly 65% of U.S. households include at least one pet and 84% of pet owners say their pets make their home life healthier, it’s no wonder many homeowners take their pets into consideration when it’s time to remodel. In fact, there are numerous things people are doing to make their homes more comfortable and functional for both human and pet residents. Doggy Showers Often located in a family foyer or garage, tiled barrier-free doggy showers are an increasingly popular option. Special designs with little or no curb and a hand-held sprayer at a lower level make… Read More >

Remodeling Planning for your Future Home Needs

Recent Remodeling Project Highlights from Spring 2018 - AFTER PHOTO
Are you at a stage of life that has you thinking about changes to your living situation? Are you beginning to think about remodeling planning for your future home needs? Perhaps you’re now empty nesters, planning for your retirement years or looking for something that requires less maintenance. Clients frequently turn to us for guidance on these decisions. Some want to make their current homes more comfortable, while others are considering transitioning to a smaller home or even a condo lifestyle. The possibilities are endless and can feel overwhelming. The good news is, we’re happy to help. Universal Design There… Read More >

Before and After Photos of Remodeling Projects – Fall 2019 Edition

BOWA Renovation - Kitchen and Master Bath Renovation in Great Falls, VA - AFTER
Please enjoy these before and after photos of remodeling projects.  To view more project profiles, please visit our Project Types section. Luxury Kitchen Update in Great Falls In this Great Falls house, the kitchen did not reflect the entertaining capabilities of the rest of the home. A structural wall was moved to expand the footprint of the kitchen and create a large pantry. A beautiful island provides plenty of space for gatherings and a nearby custom banquette is great for everyday meals. See more photos.   ***************** His & Hers Dream Master Bathroom in McLean, VA The clients loved aspects… Read More >

Condo Remodeling Lighting Tips – Want More Light in Your Life?

BOWA Condo Renovation Experts - Lighting Tips Reston VA
Many of our condo clients, especially those transitioning from single-family living, have concerns about their units not having enough light. The challenge is, there is often only one exterior wall with access to natural light and limited hours per day when the sun’s shining in. As such, we’re frequently asked for help in making the space feel bright and welcoming. Here are a few condo remodeling lighting tips we’ve gathered over the years. Add Recessed Lighting:  Particularly in a condo, adding recessed lighting can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the space. Unfortunately, installation requirements of the… Read More >

3D Renderings Improve Remodeling Design Experience

BOWA 3D Remodeling Design
At BOWA, we strive to apply a client-first approach to every step of the process. From the guidance provided by our Project Leaders to the availability of our Customer Service Team long after a project is completed, our goal is to deliver a wonderful client experience. The approach taken by our In-House Design Team is no exception. Since taking leadership of the design department, TJ Monahan has worked diligently to streamline and enhance the design phase to deliver a more client-friendly experience. Traditionally, project design was a two-dimensional (2D) endeavor. Designers created and presented flat, static floorplans and a handful… Read More >

Designer’s Desk: Kitchen Trends for Today and Tomorrow

Washington DC Kitchen Renovation
Kitchens are the most popular rooms to remodel and can be the most expensive. Considering the level of investment that goes into remodeling a kitchen, every little detail can feel like a monumental decision. Everyone wants their new space to be on trend, but nobody wants it to appear dated 5 or 10 years down the road. Here are a few kitchen trends that are not going anywhere any time soon. Hardwood Floors Especially in homes that already have hardwood throughout, we are often ripping out cold, hard tile flooring in the kitchen and replacing it with hardwood to blend… Read More >

Water Worries in the Home

BOWA Design Build Remodeling Water Worries Exterior Water Management
Water. It makes up 70% of the Earth and our bodies need it to survive, but it can do serious damage around your home when not managed correctly. Heavy storms and humidity indoors and out mean that water can appear in unwanted spaces. Here are a few tips to keep your water worries at bay in and around your home. Outside the Home Outside, take steps to ensure all water flows away from the structure’s foundation. First, make sure your gutters are clear of debris and downspouts direct water away. Also, ensure the grading around the foundation has positive slope,… Read More >

Designer’s Desk: Hidden Gems

Designer's Desk - Stephanie Dickens
Spanish Sanctuary I’m not the only one out there who enjoys browsing Zillow and fantasizing about my dream home. But what’s more interesting to me than looking at perfect, turn-key homes, is hunting for a diamond in the rough, just waiting for its true potential to be revealed. For this blog, I decided to pick a city at random, and see what hidden gem I could uncover.  This week, I found the perfect Spanish sanctuary. This one immediately caught my eye: From the street view, this house has a lot going for it already. Built in the early 1900s, this… Read More >

How to Select the Perfect Paint Color

BOWA Design Build Remodeling - Selecting the Right Paint Color for your Bathroom
So, you want to brighten things up with fresh paint in your space. You search through hundreds of paint chips and finally land on what you think is the perfect bright white. Once on the wall, however, the finished color is not what you saw on the chip. The sheen is too glossy and shows every bump in your walls, or the color is making your existing cabinetry look dingy. How do you avoid having to go through this process again? We picked the mind of one of our In-House Designers, Stephanie Dickens, to help you select the perfect paint… Read More >

Creative Design Solutions in Your Home

Creative Design Solutions
In our 30+ years, we have had the pleasure to develop creative design solutions for every part of the home.  From kitchens to bathrooms to garages, our architects and designers have crafted inspired fixes to everyday issues.  Here are some of our favorites from recent projects.   Clever Cutting Board Drawer Our client in Great Falls wanted to expand the utility of the drawer over the trash can so it could be used for more than just storage. A cutting board with a hole was added to discard the waste right into the can. This board pops out for easy… Read More >

Designer’s Desk: How do you know if a house has good bones?

New construction has its appeal, but the character and charm of an old home is something that can’t be replicated. However, when it comes to real estate listings, phrases like “full of character” can be code for a host of alarming issues. If you’re considering purchasing an older home, it’s important to be able to identify red flags on your own because that “charming 3 bedroom in need of some TLC” may actually be a money pit. I consider myself fortunate because fixing up older homes is not just my passion, it’s also my profession. As such, I have a… Read More >

Recent Remodeling Project Highlights – Spring 2019 Edition

BOWA Renovation - Chevy Chase Whole-House Remodel - AFTER
Please enjoy these recent remodeling project highlights including stunning before and after photos.  To view more project profiles, please visit our Project Types section. Chevy Chase Whole-House Remodel The original home was compartmentalized and lacked easy flow between rooms, leaving it feeling dark, cold and closed off. The renovation opened and connected spaces to create a light-filled home with smooth transitions and comfortable areas for daily use and hosting. The new walled garden creates privacy for outdoor entertaining.  This wonderful project was also honored as a Grand Award Winner in the local Contractor of the Year competition.   ***************** Blending… Read More >

Understand Your Options Before Buying a Home to Remodel

BOWA Purchase Consultations
If you or someone you know is contemplating buying a home, a BOWA Purchase Consultation should be part of the process. Unfortunately, many new buyers are disappointed after purchasing when they discover limitations that thwart their plans to remodel. Perhaps there are HOA or property restrictions, structural limitations or estimated remodeling costs are more than anticipated. A BOWA Purchase Consultation is the perfect way to evaluate your options. Stay & Remodel or Buy & Remodel We often find ourselves helping house hunters decide whether to stay in their existing home and remodel or buy something new and remodel.  The answer… Read More >