Fresh Luxury Renovation in McLean, Virginia

Fresh Luxury Renovation in McLean

project profile Luxurious Whole-House Renovation in McLean, VA

Homeowner Challenge: When the owners moved from Leesburg to this home in McLean, they knew it would eventually be the perfect fit, but it required significant work. At the recommendation of a friend and BOWA client, they reached out to BOWA to get started. With a recent addition of a guest bedroom onto the house, it was ideal for a couple who anticipated frequent visits from both their adult children and older parents. The home was constructed in 2001 but hadn’t been suitably updated over the years. They felt it lacked the… Read More >

Complete Renovation in Classic DC Condo Building

project profile Complete Renovation in Classic DC Condo Building

Homeowner Challenge: These clients have called upon BOWA over their 20 years of condo ownership to continually transform their DC condo unit to meet their changing lifestyle and design ideas. This pre-war building provided the sturdy construction and beautiful original details the homeowners appreciate, but the overall design of the home required updates to the kitchen, living, and dining areas to make it unique to their tastes and needs. The BOWA Solution: Without altering the original layout too drastically, the BOWA team created spaces that blend the original characteristics with modern… Read More >

Spacious Kitchen Renovation in Great Falls, Virginia

McLean Kitchen Renovation

project profile Spacious Kitchen Renovation in Great Falls, Virginia

Homeowner Challenge: In this Great Falls house, the kitchen did not reflect the entertaining capabilities of the rest of the home. It was too small and impractical for larger gatherings, as well as everyday family life. They needed more seating options, upgraded appliances and more thoughtful storage solutions. The BOWA Solution: BOWA’s In-House Design Team began by removing a structural wall at the back of the home to make a larger footprint for the kitchen and create an extensive pantry space. The seating capacity was increased by building an eat-in dining… Read More >

Modern Luxury Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Basement Remodel in McLean, VA

Modern Kitchen Remodel

project profile Modern Luxury Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Basement Remodel in McLean, VA

Homeowner Challenge: This home originally featured a traditional floorplan and aesthetic that didn’t reflect the homeowner’s preferred contemporary style or fit the functionality of their everyday life. The kitchen, dining room and living room were each housed in closed-off spaces with opulent trim work and dated finishes. The master bathroom and closets lacked an easy flow and did not reflect the luxuries the rest of the home offered. The BOWA Solution: To transform the kitchen area, BOWA opened the walls to create easy sightlines from kitchen, to… Read More >

Kitchen Expansion and Outdoor Entertaining Area in Great Falls, VA

project profile Kitchen Expansion and Outdoor Entertaining Area in Great Falls, VA

Homeowner Challenge: This was an exciting renovation as our new client had purchased a custom home BOWA built in 2005 but wanted to make slight alterations to make the kitchen fit their lifestyle. The space was originally designed to accommodate cooking, with meals enjoyed in the formal dining room. The new homeowners wanted an informal dining area within the kitchen, while keeping the existing timeless style found throughout the rest of the home. The BOWA Solution: BOWA built a kitchen addition that incorporated the original design, cabinetry style… Read More >

Upscale Contemporary Renovation in Potomac, Maryland

Luxury Modern Home Design Potomac Maryland

project profile Upscale Contemporary Renovation in Potomac, Maryland

Homeowner Challenge: The owners wanted to create an upscale, contemporary space to exhibit their expansive art and antique collection. They envisioned a home with a gallery aesthetic including specialized lighting and a flowing floorplan to display their art. This one story home’s original construction included bulkheads that lowered the ceiling height throughout the house making a complex job for BOWA to create the open, flowing, modern floorplan the clients desired. The BOWA Solution: This project was unique in that the design was created entirely around the clients’ artwork collection. The flow of… Read More >

Traditional Brownstone Renovation in Washington, DC

project profile Traditional Brownstone Renovation in Washington, DC

Homeowner Challenge: After living in a BOWA Custom Home in Great Falls, these clients wanted to return to their roots and create an English inspired traditional brownstone in DC. They located a building with good bones in the right neighborhood then called BOWA to completely transform the existing interior to reflect a classic English floorplan and design aesthetic. The BOWA Solution: Once the project began, the BOWA team removed the entire interior of the home to recreate a traditional floorplan. With four floors, connected by a wide staircase, their new home includes… Read More >

Tudor Whole-House Remodel in Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase Whole House Remodel - Tudor Home Design - Maryland Designers

project profile Tudor Whole-House Remodel in Chevy Chase, MD

Homeowner Challenge: This Tudor-style home in Chevy Chase lacked flow of both the floorplan and natural light. The original main-level layout was very compartmentalized and void of easy connections between rooms, leaving the space feeling dark, cold and closed off. The small kitchen had no room for entertaining, while other rooms were left underutilized due to the awkward layout. The master suite only had one small walk-in closet and a dated bathroom. Ultimately, the homeowner desired an open floorplan and more usable space to enjoy with her children and grandchildren when… Read More >

Contemporary Washington, DC Condominium Renovation

Contemporary Washington, DC Condominium Renovation

project profile Contemporary Washington, DC Condominium Renovation

Homeowner Challenge: The primary challenge of this condo renovation was to transform what had once been two units into an optimized, light-filled single space with a contemporary design and incredible river views. The client could see the potential, but the realities of fixed plumbing, electric and structural column locations – all seemingly immovable obstacles in the wrong places – were daunting. The BOWA Solution: BOWA and the client executed an extensive forensic study of the original building plans to gauge feasibility. In the process, a plan was created that prioritized optimizing the beautiful… Read More >

Luxury Kalorama Condo Renovation in Washington, DC

BOWA Washington DC Condo Renovation

project profile Luxury Kalorama Condo Renovation in Washington DC

Homeowner Challenge: Having recently purchased a condominium in an historic building in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC, the homeowners initiated a complete restoration of the unit which had not been updated in many years. The challenge of this particular project was restoring a unit in a building dating back to the early 1900’s, bringing it up to code, and working within the confines of an eighth floor Kalorama condo unit. The BOWA Solution: Drawing on years of experience in condo renovations, BOWA was able to carefully manage the logistics of… Read More >

Loudoun County Whole-House Renovation and Entertaining Addition


project profile Loudoun Whole-House Renovation and Outdoor Entertaining Addition

Homeowner Challenge: The original home was comfortably situated on 175 acres of land, but it did not fit the country charm of the landscape. Modernizing and expanding the outdated home, while enhancing its harmony with the outdoors, was the true challenge of this project. The family wanted a well-appointed home that would be comfortable for family gatherings yet large enough for the charity and business functions they frequently host. The BOWA Solution: Creating additional space and allowing for more natural light were the keys to achieving the family’s desired home. The… Read More >

Indoor Pool and Great Room Addition in Potomac, MD

Potomac MD Indoor Pool Addition Renovation

project profile Indoor Pool and Great Room Addition in Potomac, MD

Homeowner Challenge: These long-time BOWA clients wanted an indoor pool for their family’s enjoyment, and needed a space appropriate for entertaining large groups for charitable and school functions. Accessibility to the pool was a concern, as the homeowners worried that if it was located on the basement level it wouldn’t be used as much. The BOWA Solution: The solution was a carefully designed main-level indoor pool and great room addition, inspired by some of the clients’ favorite vacation spots. Having recently completed a number of other timber-frame structures, BOWA… Read More >

Stunning Backyard and Pool Addition in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria Backyard and Pool Addition

project profile Stunning Backyard and Pool Addition in Alexandria, Virginia

Homeowner Challenge: The challenge for this renovation project was integrating two adjacent properties in a way that worked for the homeowner and overcame an arduous permit process. The design had to be carefully planned so that the properties could still be sold separately in the future if the homeowner desired. The BOWA Solution: By getting involved during the first stages of design, BOWA was able to successfully navigate the architectural team through the permit process and get the project off to a strong start. The homeowners purchased the home as… Read More >