A home designed to age along with its owners

The Washington Post
Featured in: Washington Post Excerpt: You might expect Josh Baker, founder, co-chairman and owner of BOWA, a custom design/build remodeling firm, to constantly tinker with his own home. But Josh and his wife, Jill, always knew they wanted to stay in their home for their entire lives, so their plan allowed for lifestyle changes right from the beginning. “Our home is typical of what we do for our clients,” Josh Baker says. “We prioritize with them what they want now, but we also strategize with them for their future. We designed this house 17 years ago with a 30-year landscaping… Read More >

Condo Renovations: As sales of condominiums grow, so does demand for luxury renovations

Arlington Connection
Featured in: Arlington Connection Excerpt: “With the growth in demand for condominiums comes growth in demand for condominium renovations. One local company BOWA, a residential remodel and construction firm based in McLean, is responding to that trend by bringing on a new project leader, Mark Miller, with expertise in condo remodeling and commercial construction. Miller and BOWA say they are responding to the demand to push the boundaries of luxury condo transformation. Most upscale condominium buyers will select a location where they want to live first, and then search for a condo to buy, said Miller, who is an Arlington… Read More >

Class is In: Remodeler holds quarterly in-house training sessions

Remodeling Magazine
Featured in: Remodeling Excerpt: “BOWA Builders recently hosted its 50th in-house employee training session. The idea for the Virginia company’s quarterly “lunch and learn” sessions began with education for the production department but has expanded to include the design team and, in the last few years, invitations extended to select outside architects, home inspectors, and construction managers as well. Doug Horgan, vice president, best practices, works with the production vice president, the COO, and the customer service department to set the agenda based on lessons learned from company projects. He invites a guest speaker, such as a subcontractor or a… Read More >

Can’t Picture It? They’ll Do It For You

The Washington Post
Featured in: Washington Post Express Excerpt: “Companies such as Kandel Construction and Bowa (bowa.com) work with real-estate professionals to help buyers visualize their dream homes. “We’ll reach out to Realtors and say, ‘If you have somebody who’s seriously looking at this house, but they don’t have the vision to understand that they want to do this, this or this, let us help,'” says principal/owner George Hodges-Fulton. Along with images of the remodeled house, these firms provide shoppers with estimated costs so they can determine if a house is still affordable if it needs renovations. “Most of the time, that gives… Read More >

‘Age in Place’ to Satisfy Evolving Needs

The Connection Newspapers Logo
Featured in: The Connection Newspapers Alexandria Gazette Excerpt: “Your family may be approaching a transitional time in home ownership. Perhaps the kids have already moved out, or your “nest” is nearly empty as your last child contemplates going off to college. Or maybe you’re craving a living space that is more comfortable and convenient as it becomes more difficult to move around. There are many reasons couples choose to “age in place,” or modify their home to meet changing needs rather than purchase a new property…” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window… Read More >

The Region’s Best Home Designs

Potomac Almanac
Featured in: The Connection Newspapers and The Potomac Almanac Excerpt: “A MCLEAN KITCHEN by BOWA took top honors in the “Residential Kitchen Over $120,000” category. The homeowners were looking to create a free-flowing, light-filled space. “Their kitchen was not as open as they would have liked,” said Josh Baker, founder and co-chairman of BOWA. “They wanted to make it more integrated and useful for the family.”  To accommodate a larger kitchen, the design team, which included BOWA’s George Hodges-Fulton, built an addition and added a sitting room, screened porch and additional windows to allow an abundance of natural light to… Read More >

Recycle, Reuse, Remodel

The Connection Newspapers Logo
Featured in: The Connection Newspapers and The Potomac Almanac Excerpt: “Remodeling often affords an opportunity to re-purpose existing materials by donating to those less fortunate. Ask your remodeler if there is a plan or policy for saving materials for re-use rather than sending it to a land fill. Every project is different. And some materials are more easily removed and saved than others. Here are a couple of organizations that accepted used materials….” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window Related Home Advisor:  Give your Home a Second Chance  … Read More >

Tim Burch Leaves Television Stardom to Serve Hunt Country Clients

Middleburg Eccentric
Featured on: Middleburg Eccentric Excerpt: “Fortunately for Hunt Country homeowners, Tim Burch tired of the pace of being a television star on ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ and returned to Virginia to settle back into a geographic area he loves. Today, as project leader with BOWA, he is thoroughly engaged in the renovation of projects large and small for clients who understand that they have found a partner without peer to help them improve their Arcadia. Whether your ideal residence is an impeccably restored Palladian villa or a 1950’s Hunt Box that simply requires more closets and a few additions, the… Read More >

Executive Profile: Tim Burch, BOWA Project Leader

Washington Business Journal
Featured on: Washington Business Journal Excerpt: “Burch, 44, a third-generation builder, has been in the home-remodeling industry for a quarter century. For two years, as lead project manager of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” he oversaw 4,000 people who built houses within a week. Earlier this year, Burch left the reality show for real life, joining Bowa…” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window… Read More >

Home Design: The Man Behind the Bus

Washington Life Magazine
Featured on: Washingtonlife.com Excerpt: “Any Ty Pennington fan is familiar with his famed demand to “Move that Bus” on the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But as the show approaches its last episode (Monday December 17), Washington Life wanted to introduce you to a side of the show you may not have been familiar with. With each house, behind Pennington stood 4000 volunteers working tirelessly to build a home from scratch in seven days, not to mention the scores of companies who donated the necessary materials. In order to keep all these people working cohesively and efficiently, a project… Read More >

Colonial Expansion

Home & Design
Featured on:  Home & Design Excerpt: “It all started with a plan to expand a garage and add a guest room onto a Colonial-style home in Potomac, Maryland. But as such plans tend to do, this small-scale project soon morphed into something much bigger: a massive, whole-house renovation that added to the 40-year old residence some 4,500 square feet of living space. The owners tapped BOWA for the job, and the result is a stately, welcoming home flanked on one side by a three-car garage and spacious guest quarters (complete with private entrance and dramatic two-story foyer), and on the… Read More >

A Cultural Gateway Along the Potomac – An Exclusive look inside the idyllic home of UAE Ambassador’s McLean Home

Washington Life Magazine
Featured in: Washington Life Excerpt: “Encountering the cool tones, open and playful spaces and wonderful setting overlooking the river and the woods of the Potomac palisades, guests are instantaneously embraced by the all-around warmth of United Arab Emirates Ambassador Yousef Al-Otaiba, his wife Abeer and their son, Omar. Their home-away-from home, which was first occupied by the previous UAE Ambassador, Saqr Gobash, was redesigned over the course of a comprehensive renovation in 2009 – resulting in an expansive, contemporary art-filled residence. “Ambassador and Mrs. Al-Otaiba had a clear vision of wanting a simple and light-colored elegant home that served both… Read More >

Heart of the Home

Featured on: Washingtonian Excerpt: “Five beautiful kitchens where families cook, eat, gather and entertain.  Plus – experts who can create your dream kitchen…Azi Hendi and her husband, Ali, knew what they wanted in a house: a California-style ranch with clean,modern lines and lots of light. Though the one they settled on—in DCs Forest Hills—needed an overhaul, they could see its potential. “The kitchen was our priority,” she says. “We live in the kitchen.” The first order of business was to take down the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area and to merge the two spaces. “There wasn’t enough… Read More >

Owners pour cash into bathroom renovations

Washington Examiner Logo
Featured on: Washington Examiner Excerpt: “Washington-area homeowners are spending more on bathroom renovations, paralleling a national trend. The number of bath and kitchen remodeling projects nationwide jumped 17 percent over the past two years, with bathrooms overtaking kitchens as the most popular project in 2009, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders. That echoes a December survey by Better Homes and Gardens that found 31 percent of Americans want to remodel their baths, compared with 25 percent who target kitchens…” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window Photo Gallery: … Read More >

Is it time to replace your water heater?

Loudoun Times-Mirror Logo
Featured on: Loudoun Times- Mirror Excerpt: “There aren’t always surefire ways to tell that your water heater’s time is up, but it’s best to not wait until you’re jumping in an ice cold shower at 6 a.m. to find out. Listed below are a few tips to help you decide whether you should fix or replace your unit….” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window  … Read More >

Small Kitchen with no room to grow can feel more spacious

The Washington Times
Featured in: The Washington Times Excerpt: “If you are a fan of homemakeover shows, you may have become accustomed to homeowners taking a sledgehammer to the walls of their tiny kitchens and somehow doubling the size of the space, transforming it into a showplace of light and space. In reality, not every homeowner has the budget or the land available to turn a galley kitchen into a chef’s dream space. Yet local designers and remodelers say there are plenty of options available to maximize the efficiency and the appeal of a smaller kitchen. “A lot of the housing stock in… Read More >

Keeping the chaos out of condo renovations

Featured in: Washington Blade Excerpt: “For many homeowners, a renovation project is one of the most complex and difficult ventures they will undertake. For condominium owners, the complexities of home improvements are greater as they have to navigate challenges and situations that are unique to condo owners. While it can seem daunting —with careful planning, working with an experienced remodeler, and following some important condo renovation etiquette—renovating your condo can be rewarding and transform your home.” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window Services:  Condominium Remodels… Read More >

Building the Great Outdoors Room – Use of outside living areas growing in priority, complexity

USA Today Logo
Featured in: USA Today Excerpt: “As Americans try to maximize the space of their existing homes, they’re increasingly looking outside to create new, rejuvenating places. “More people are realizing that home begins when you set foot on your property, not just when you enter your front door,” says garden designer Julie Moir Messervy, author of Home Outside: Creating the Landscape You Love (Taunton Press). “You can think of your outside as an extension of the inside.” An outdoor living/grilling area ranked as the third-highest priority space, after a separate laundry room and additional closets/storage, in a recent survey of 4,000… Read More >

Do you need more storage space in your home?

Loudoun Times-Mirror Logo
Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt: “If your home is anything like the typical household, then your answer is probably “Yes!!”  Most homeowners can never have enough storage and there seems to be a constant battle between how much “stuff” you own and how much space is available in your home.  The good news is there are a number of creative ways to address your needs.” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window Check out our Design Team  … Read More >

Renovators do more with less – homeowners keep makeovers simple and budget friendly

USA Today Logo
Featured in: USA Today Excerpt: “With real estate values still in the doldrums, people are seeing their houses less as investments and more as, well, homes. Since they’re staying put, they’re taking on targeted — rather than extreme — makeovers aimed at livability….  Home remodeling is expected to pick up and post solid growth  in the second half of this year, making 2012 the strongest year since 2006, according to a report Thursday by the remodeling futures program at Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.  Driving the market will be midsize kitchen and bath projects, maintenance work and energy-efficiency… Read More >

Design With Children in Mind – BOWA shares tips for design that work for the whole family

Featured in: Vienna and Oakton Connection Excerpt: “Whether it’s a closet, the kitchen or a study area, there are numerous ways to incorporate child-friendly design into any space, and children today are becoming more and more involved in the process. Even if the child is toddler-aged, simple tasks, such as picking colors, themes or bedding, can help them feel that they are part of ihe process. Besides being used more frequently, greater input in the planning stage should result in more pride in the space later and a desire to keep it neat and tidy.” For More Information: Click here… Read More >

Homeowners are lightening up when it comes to kitchens

The Washington Times
Featured in: The Washington Times Excerpt: “While avocado and harvest gold appliances are nowhere to be found in most kitchens in 2012, some classic color trends, such as a black-and-white kitchen, are unlikely to ever fade from popularity. In addition to classic color schemes, homeowners and interior designers are looking for ways to wash their kitchens in light and color that are both neutral and innovative… Homeowners today are remodeling their older kitchens to open them up to the family room, to the outdoors or both, said Patricia Tetro, a principal and owner of Bowa in McLean. “Everyone wants their… Read More >

Is Geothermal energy a good choice for your home?

Loudoun Times-Mirror Logo
Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt: “Although it’s been around for a number of years, “Geothermal” is becoming an increasingly popular buzz word these days as more and more homeowners are looking for an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly heating and cooling solution. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback of switching to this type of system is the high cost of installation when compared to conventional systems. When evaluating that cost, remember to factor in your savings on monthly energy expenses with and the annual maintenance on your current system to determine if geothermal will be a sound investment for your home. So How Does… Read More >

Time for a basement renovation?

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Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt: “Long gone are the dark, gloomy and cavernous basements of yesterday. With proper planning, a well-executed basement renovation can help your family enjoy the extra square footage you may have long forgotten.” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window Photo Gallery:  Lower Levels  … Read More >

Remodeling: An Opportunity to Follow One’s Passion

The Connection Newspapers Logo
Featured in: The Connection Newspapers Excerpt:  “Having remodeled thousand of projects over the past 25 years, our clients’ reactions tell us that some of the most successful projects often address a specific passion or interest. Folks seem to be spending more and more time at home not only working, but also enriching their lives through personal interests.  To that end, today’s remodeling design often includes developing new areas for pursuing a variety of passions.  Here are some local examples…So the question remains, what’s your passion?  By working closely with an experienced design build remodeler who has access to a whole… Read More >

A Clean Slate: Two Renovation projects highlight the latest trends in home organization

Washington Maryland Virginia Home & Design Logo
Featured in: Home & Design Excerpt:  “…When BOWA vice president George Hodges-Fulton met with clients for a prepurchase consultation, he was able to assure them that the “monstrosity” of a mudroom/laundry room in the Great Falls, Virginia, home they were about to buy was, indeed, salvageable. The couple bought the house, then hired BOWA for a major renovation, during which their design team overhauled the mudroom/ laundry room completely. “We took the laundry function away,” Hodges-Fulton recalls, pointing to a trend he’s noticed in the last five or six years of relocating the laundry room upstairs for convenience. Once the… Read More >

Industry Professionals Honor BOWA

The Connection Newspapers Logo
Featured in: McLean Connection Excerpt: “BOWA, a home transformation company in McLean, specializing in the design and construction of luxury additions and renovations, was honored with the 2011 Designers’ Choice “Hall of Fame Custom Builder” Award by Home & Design magazine. Steve Kirstein, principal of BOWA, accepted the award on Oct. 20, 2011 at the Designers’ Choice Awards reception in Bethesda, Md. BOWA prides itself on providing clients with a single-source solution to luxury home renovations.” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window  … Read More >

Cleaning up the look of bathrooms

The Washington Times
Featured in: The Washington Times Excerpt:  Sleek is in, at least in bathrooms. Where bathrooms once were designed with ornate cabinetry and a mix of finishes and flourishes, these days, modern, clean lines and clear glass are trendy…. Patricia Tetro, principal of Bowa in McLean, said homeowners request rain showerheads and handheld showers more than the body sprays that were popular a few years ago. “We put in a bench in the master shower and sometimes a shaving step to rest your foot on,” Ms. Tetro said. “We even sometimes put in a ‘toe tester,’ which is a tiny little… Read More >

What do you need to know about wood flooring?

Loudoun Times-Mirror Logo
Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt:  “With an option for any decor, wood flooring is a leading choice for today’s homeowners. While its natural beauty may be at the top of the list, there are numerous reasons for its popularity. When cared for properly wood flooring can last a lifetime and add value to your home should you choose to resell. When created from a sustainable natural resource, wood flooring is an ecofriendly option unlike many other coverings. And, wood flooring doesn’t harbor dust mites or mold, which are common causes for indoor air quality issues that affect all family members,… Read More >

Top 10 Things To Know Before You Remodel

Featured in: Reston Connection Excerpt:  by Joshua E. Baker:  “There are very few decisions that can impact your family life, and the value of one of your biggest assets than selecting the right remodeler. Why not approach this as you would when hiring a lawyer, investment advisor, or even a physician? Top 10 Tips:  Seek an Advocate; Plan Early; Find a Good Match; Get First-Hand Info; Explore Options; Be Wise; Prevent Stress; Be Firm; Double Check Warranties; Take Advantage” For More Information: BOWA Services:  Services Overview BOWA Services:  Residential Construction BOWA Services:  Purchase Consultations Click here to view the full… Read More >

BOWA Offers Winter Storm Tips: Preparation is Crucial, Says Residential Design Build Contractor

Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt:  “While everyone in the DC region is hoping we don’t experience another ‘snowmageddon,’ even minor winter storms can wreak havoc,” said Josh Baker, president of BOWA. “Doing some prep work in advance of a pending storm or frigid weather will ensure your family and home are protected.” BOWA offers the following tips to prepare for a winter storm” For More Information: Seasonal Checklist:  Plan Now for a Safe Fall and Winter Click here to view the full article in a new window  … Read More >

Mega-fun at home in a sports center

Washington Times Logo
Featured in: The Washington Times Excerpt:  If you want your home to become the center for neighborhood activity, one of the best ways to do it is to create an indoor sports space for your children and their friends. “A lot of people want their place to be the one where people gather,” said Steve Kirstein, a principal with BOWA, a design-build and remodeling company based in McLean. “The places with the best toys are always where everyone wants to go. Creating a space in your home where the kids and you can be active is also a healthy alternative… Read More >

High Rising – Tapping a Growing Condominium Remodeling Market

Remodeling Logo 3
Featured in: Remodeling Magazine Excerpt:  During the past year, Steve Kirstein, principal at BOWA, in McLean, Va., has seen increased interest in condominium projects in his market. He attributes this to homeowners seeking to reduce their commute in a traffic-congested area and opting to move from the suburbs to Washington, D.C. “We’re noticing a major shifting of the population moving closer to the city center,” he says, including both working and retired homeowners. Empty nesters and older owners looking to downsize from large houses “naturally gravitate to condominiums,” Kirstein says, which require less maintenance. In addition, house values in the… Read More >

Potomac Day 2011 – Steve Kirstein, Business Person of the Year, Rides in Float

Potomac Almanac Logo
Featured in: Potomac Almanac Excerpt:  The annual Potomac Day parade arrived Saturday, Oct. 22 and captured the hearts and spirits of participants and spectators. Potomac Citizen of the Year Nicki Bunting, Potomac Youth of the Year Julianne Pearson from Connelly School of the Holy Child, and Potomac Business Person of the Year Steve Kirstein of BOWA were featured. Parade participants included school groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, antique cars, elected officials, clowns — and lot of candy for the on-lookers. Potomac Day was filled with food, live music, free children’s rides including pony rides, a petting zoo, moon… Read More >

Case Study – Thomas French Architect partners with BOWA on a conservatory and pool house project in Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia

Home & Design Sourcebook
Featured in: Home & Design Sourcebook Excerpt:  Architect Thomas French lets in the light in a spacious Fairfax County pool house.  The challenge was to bring in light without roasting the occupants,” says Thomas French of the bright, airy pool house he recently completed in the sought-after enclave of Belle Haven in Northern Virginia. Tapped to create a structure that would mirror the residents’ main house and look at home in their traditional neighborhood, French paid close attention to the placement of windows. …The result is a two-bedroom cottage with a kitchenette, a large main gathering area with vaulted ceilings… Read More >

BOWA Named Hall of Fame Custom Builder in the Designers’ Choice Awards

Home & Design Sourcebook Logo
Featured in: Home & Design Sourcebook Excerpt:  Our annual survey of area designers and architects reveals their industry favorites. Each year, Home & Design polls hundreds of industry professionals to glean their picks for the leaders in this innovative, ever-evolving community—as well as their votes of confidence in those just making their mark. We also ask area architects and designers to vote on their favorite industry resources, in categories ranging from lighting and appliance showrooms to drapery fabricators and art galleries. For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window… Read More >

I Love Your Kitchen – BOWA McLean Renovation

Washingtonian Logo 2
Featured in: Washingtonian Excerpt:  From the street, this house in McLean looks like an ordinary one-story rambler. But inside are some surprises. Built into a steep hill overlooking the Potomac River, the home, which is actually four levels, offers good water views – especially from the downstairs kitchen. The owners, who entertain frequently, asked BOWA to create two kitchens: one for formal events and parties on the main level and one, shown here, for family dinners and informal gatherings with friends. Patricia Tetro, principal at BOWA, says the homeowners wanted the space to be contemporary but still functional and warm.… Read More >

BOWA Named 2011 Business of the Year

Potomac Almanac
Featured in: Potomac Almanac Excerpt:  BOWA, a home transformation company specializing in the design and construction of large-scale additions and renovations, and Steve Kirstein, principal, were named the 2011 “Business of the Year” and “Business Person of the Year” by the Potomac Chamber of Commerce. Kirstein and BOWA will be recognized at this year’s Potomac Day Parade to be held on Oct. 22 and at a Chamber Awards Dinner in November. For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window or use the PDF viewer below… Read More >

Whole House Design Build Renovation Plus the Top 10 Things to Know Before You Purchase a House to Remodel

Loudoun Times-Mirror Logo
Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt:  Having spotted and fallen for a beautiful two and one-half acre property in Potomac, Maryland, the future homeowners were not as enamored with the challenges presented by the existing Georgian-style house. The residence had been on and off the market for several years, in large part due to the four inches of standing water in the lower level and mold, which are often daunting issues to unknowing home buyers. Combine these issues with a fussy kitchen, dated flooring, cavernous great room and a dark, dreary master bedroom many previous potential buyers simply walked away. Not… Read More >

Savvy Homeowners Prefer a Team Approach

Loudoun Times-Mirror Logo
Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt:  …This has caused a renaissance of residential design build remodeling as the benefits of a strategic team approach to home design have become more apparent. While this approach is one of the biggest changes, here are some other trends we’re seeing in our recent projects.  Also included are:  clients opting for better designed space in lieu of more space and additions; kitchen renovations that rethink the layout and improve the connection to surrounding spaces, both interior and exterior; media rooms and home theaters that serve as the social and recreational hubs of today’s homes; people… Read More >

Top 10 Things to Know Before you Purchase a House

The Connection Newspapers Logo
Featured in: Reston Connection, Great Falls Connection, McLean Connection, Potomac Almanac, Arlington Connection, Vienna Connection, Herndon Connection Excerpt:  Have a vision for renovating or expanding a house for sale?  Here are some tips on what to find out before you buy….Here are 10 things to consider when purchasing a house with the intention of a future remodeling project: 1) Check the local government’s zoning ordinances; 2) Research any neighborhood association restrictions; 3. Never assume that an existing structure is adequate for future modifications; 4. Check system capacities; 5. Investigate policies regarding septic systems; 6. Be aware of hazardous materials; 7.… Read More >

Contemplating New Kitchen Countertops?

Loudoun Times-Mirror Logo
Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt:  Whether you’re looking to replace your old countertops as part of a full kitchen remodel or a quick facelift, you’ll find there is a wide array of options when it comes to materials and distinctive finishes. The best surface for your home often depends on your budget, style and lifestyle.  The following overview of available countertop options, including granite, marble, soapstone, engineered stone, solid surfacing, stainless steel, copper, zinc, wood and concrete may be helpful when choosing the solution that is right for you….  Choosing a countertop can be overwhelming, but an experienced design build… Read More >

Condo redesign involves special considerations

Washington Times Logo
Featured in: The Washington Times Excerpt: Condominium owners may enjoy the advantage of avoiding exterior home-maintenance projects or major landscaping, but when they want to renovate their home to modernize the layout or update the kitchen, they face some challenges that owners of singlefamily homes escape…Steve Kirstein, a principal with BOWA, says one of the biggest challenges of a condo remodel is that a condo is “neither fish nor fowl” because it is a residential building with the systems of a commercial building. “The impact during the project will be felt not only by your client, but by others in… Read More >

BOWA is Corporate Sponsor for Partner for Surgery’s The Arts for Healing Event

The Connection Newspapers Logo
Featured in: McLean Connection Excerpt: BOWA was a corporate sponsor of “The Arts for Healing” event help April 30, 2011, which collected $100,000 for Partner for Surgery, a McLean -based nonprofit organization that provides medical care to more than 25,000 Guatemalans and has facilitated over 7,000 surgeries since 2001. The event celebrated the accomplishments of the 10-year-old nonprofit organization and its founders Frank and Todd Peterson. For More Information: Click here to read the full article  … Read More >

BOWA: Builders and Architects Profiles

Bethesda Magazine Logo
Featured in: Bethesda Magazine Excerpt: BOWA has been designing and constructing luxury renovations and additions for more than two decades in the Washington region. For projects of all sizes, BOWA serves as the single point of accountability while they guide, execute and manage the entire design and construction process and client experience. For More Information: Click here to read the full article Click here to learn more about our experts  … Read More >

Everything in Its Place: A look at other trends in bathroom design, clever ways to get more storage, the growing popularity of steam showers, and smarter toilets

Washingtonian Logo 2
Featured in: Washingtonian  Excerpt: The biggest challenge for area bath designers? Creating enough storage, particularly in a small bath in an older home. Here’s a look at other key considerations when renovating a bathroom. Creating More Storage: Many older bathrooms have wall-hung or pedestal sinks with little or no storage underneath. But people have more stuff these days. That, along with clever innovations in cabinetmaking, may be why designers say they’re creating more storage now in bathrooms, especially master baths. “Years ago, people had small vanities. Now they’re building in more cabinetry,” says Josh Baker of BOWA, a builder in… Read More >

Men vs. Women: What each wants in their master bathroom design

Washingtonian Logo 2
Featured in: Washingtonian Excerpt: Husbands and wives often want very different things in a master bathroom. Here’s how to get what you each like without landing in hot water. She wants a bubbler tub. He wants a steam shower. She wants a large vanity with lots of storage for makeup and toiletries. He needs one drawer. She wants a window that frames beautiful views from the tub. He wants a built-in television so he can watch ESPN while he shaves. She wants a gentle rain shower. He wants water pressure so strong it could peel paint. A husband and wife… Read More >

Making a Splash – Bathroom Design Trends

Washingtonian Logo 2
Featured in: Washingtonian Excerpt:  Spa-like details such as glass tile and soothing colors are a trend in home bathrooms…The bathroom itself, though, isn’t necessarily bigger. “People are looking for a more open feel but typically looking to work within the existing space,” says Josh Baker, founder of BOWA, a builder in McLean and Middleburg. “There’s a trend toward the master bath not being as expansive as it used to be. Years ago, some bathrooms were almost opulent. With the trend toward sleek sophistication, you don’t need that much space if it’s well done.”… One way to make a bathroom feel… Read More >

The Family Foyer: Essential Space

Alexandria Gazette Packet Logo
Featured in: Alexandria Gazette Packet Excerpt: Whatever your name for it, this space is essential for every homeowner. At BOWA, we call this important room the “Family Foyer” as it often includes spaces to help organize the way today’s modern family lives. Here are four tips to help your family optimize (or create) a useful Family Foyer – determine the best location, use durable materials, plan carefully to suit your storage and functional needs, and consider designated spaces for each family member – even the dog. For More Information: BOWA Home Advisor:  Need Help Organizing your Family? Read the full… Read More >

The Family Foyer: Essential Space

Arlington Connection Logo
Featured in: Arlington  Connection  Excerpt: Whatever your name for it, this space is essential for every homeowner. At BOWA, we call this important room the “Family Foyer” as it often includes spaces to help organize the way today’s modern family lives. Here are four tips to help your family optimize (or create) a useful Family Foyer – determine the best location, use durable materials, plan carefully to suit your storage and functional needs, and consider designated spaces for each family member – even the dog. For More Information: BOWA Home Advisor:  Need Help Organizing your Family? Click here to read… Read More >