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Remodeling Safely Despite the Pandemic

Area families enjoying their new spaces and thankful they moved forward with their projects Throughout the pandemic, the safe harbor of our homes has come to mean so much more than ever before.  With the increased amount of time spent around the house, we are enjoying the things that are working well, and not surprisingly, have become laser-focused on the areas that need anything from a little refresh to a major renovation.  But, as folks remain cautious about coronavirus and the related variants, many question whether remodeling can be done safely at this time.  The answer is yes when safety… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – How Our Team Likes to Keep Fit

We love fitness. So much so that a recent BOWA strategy retreat opened with a morning bike ride which included a loop around the monuments and the National Mall. Car and pedestrian traffic was very light, and it reminded us how much our city has to offer. Everywhere we looked, folks were working out in and around our beautiful public spaces! In addition to runners and bike riders, there were many clusters of small groups exercising together. We also spotted personal trainers sending their clients up and down the steps of the National Gallery of Art. Even though fitness clubs… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Outdoor Spaces at Home

Despite the recent string of storms that blew through this week, the weather has been fantastic and we’re obsessed with being outside!  While things are beginning to open up in the metropolitan area, many of us are still sticking close to home and our outdoor spaces have become a haven for family…and now maybe a handful of friends. What are you planning for your outside spaces?  Whether it’s a backyard movie night for the kids or a cozy chat by the firepit, there’s sure to be something for everyone.  By the way, if you have a green thumb, you might… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Shows

With many of us still spending much of our time at home, our streaming services are certainly getting a workout! Maybe your guilty pleasure is a reality series on an island, includes a rose ceremony or features big cats. Perhaps you’re streaming every season of your favorite sit-com, learning about our planet or idolizing iconic sports figures. If you’ve got a “hanker’n” to check out the show many of us are watching, you may want to first view this informative tutorial on Ozark slang. While Ozark appears to be the most popular, this week’s list includes some of the other… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Movies

There’s nothing like a big, musical movie number to get your toes tapping. It’s even better when the leading man and leading lady nail the big jump!  In 1987’s iconic film Dirty Dancing the last dance of the summer is filled with the joy of music and movement. We cant wait to be able to dance together again. Until then we think this dancer’s solo interpretation of the classic scene may have you rolling in the aisles. Since we’re all in this together, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite things to bring a… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – Our Favorite Recipes

We’re all familiar with the classic film, The Sound of Music and this line from the famous song, “When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don’t feel so bad…”  (You might even get a chuckle from this parody of the song!) Since we’re all in this together, we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite things to bring a smile to your face and help you pass the time! Our inaugural list includes some of the BOWA Team’s favorite recipes that… Read More >

Coronavirus Safety Measures – Keeping our Clients, Employees and the Community Safe

During this unprecedented battle against coronavirus, the safety of our clients, employees and community is our top priority. We understand that, while we are still permitted to work in clients’ homes, this is a privilege that comes with tremendous responsibility. Our employees take this responsibility to heart and are following enhanced precautions to ensure we are operating in accordance with all Federal and jurisdictional guidelines during construction, project planning and post-project support. Following are some of the coronavirus safety measures our team is taking: Masks are required for all employees, subcontractors and visitors entering a home. This applies to active… Read More >

Virtual Renovation Design: Challenging Times Encourage Us to Work Smarter

BOWA Has the Tools and Experience to Safely and Productively Collaborate with Clients Remotely Despite the Current Coronavirus Situation The understatement of the day is this is certainly an interesting time for all of us. Between a declared coronavirus pandemic and the related economic uncertainty, we’re all still trying to figure out what this means for our families, communities, businesses and country. Some might look at the current situation and shutdown in panic.  While others might recognize that this too shall pass, and often, in times of adversity, we’ve discovered some of our greatest strengths and advances as people and… Read More >

BOWA Free Design Services – A Thank You to Our Community

As a thank you to our community, we’re offering 4 hours of design advice on us! When faced with challenges, the comfort and security of our homes mean more to us than ever. But even the little things can make a huge difference when we’re spending more time at home. BOWA is here to help with it all! Whether you need help selecting a color palette, laying out furniture or getting started on a kitchen renovation, give us a call to tap into the the knowledge of our experienced designers. Our Design Team is ready to learn about your challenges,… Read More >