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Tips for Planning a Home Gym to Crush Your Fitness Goals

We work out.  For many of us it’s an essential part of our daily routine and staying active is key to maintaining physical, emotional, and mental health.  But, making time for exercise when life gets busy with family and career can be challenging, perhaps even more so now.  With gyms, studios and fitness classes operating at reduced capacity, and folks staying closer to home, are you thinking about carving out space for a home gym?  What should you discuss with your remodeling team as you plan a space that will accommodate your family’s various workout regimens?  Following are some items… Read More >

Sharing Our Favorite Things – How Our Team Likes to Keep Fit

We love fitness. So much so that a recent BOWA strategy retreat opened with a morning bike ride which included a loop around the monuments and the National Mall. Car and pedestrian traffic was very light, and it reminded us how much our city has to offer. Everywhere we looked, folks were working out in and around our beautiful public spaces! In addition to runners and bike riders, there were many clusters of small groups exercising together. We also spotted personal trainers sending their clients up and down the steps of the National Gallery of Art. Even though fitness clubs… Read More >

Time for a basement renovation? Consider these helpful design tips.

Long gone are the dark, gloomy and cavernous basements of yesterday. With proper planning, a well-executed basement renovation can help your family enjoy the extra square footage you may have long forgotten. A Welcoming Lower Level Today’s basements are becoming more integrated with the first floor of house, and are typically referred to as a “lower level” rather than a basement. In the past, the entrance and stairwell to the basement were often narrow and dark. Nowadays stairways are designed to be more open and inviting, and frequently feature a nice railing or banister for an added touch. Also, some… Read More >