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How Much Could you be Saving on your Heating Bills?

During the winter months, many homeowners are looking for ways to keep their energy bills down, while still keeping their homes nice and toasty. With 50% of the average homes' energy usage going toward heating and cooling alone, the winter months provide an opportunity for considerable savings. Listed below are some helpful tips for lowering your home heating bills while Jack Frost is in town.

Wanna get Paid for Home Improvements?

Ugh, tax time! While most (if not all) of us dread doing our taxes each year, I suspect we can all agree that finding ways to save money through deductions is great! So, as a follow up to last year’s BOWA Home Advisor on available tax credits, grants and rebates for green upgrades and other home improvements, we thought it would be important to update you on several of the programs that are available in 2010. While some of them remain unchanged from 2009, there are several additions that could mean a big return from Uncle Sam. Of course, we… Read More >