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Whole-House Renovation in Great Falls, VA

project profile Luxurious Whole-House Renovation in Great Falls, VA

Homeowner Challenge: The main challenge for our clients was space – reconfiguring and redesigning to maximize usable space as well as remodeling and updating. Avid entertainers, the homeowners wished to redesign and enlarge their dated kitchen to make it more a more inviting space for their weekly gatherings of family and friends. They also wished to relocate a home office, and laundry and renovate the original owners’ bath. The BOWA Solution: Our clients’ priority for more space in the heart of their home drove this kitchen bump out.  A wall of… Read More >

Seven Ways to Add Personality to the Design of Your Kitchen Remodel in McLean

One of the best parts of a kitchen remodel in McLean is customizing the space to meet your needs. While many people would be happy with a kitchen that is functional, practical and reliable, many  homeowners long for the beautiful details and customized features that truly make the space their own. Here are seven ideas to customize your kitchen remodel in McLean: 1) Creative Cabinets: As there are no longer set rules, cabinetry is a great area for easily adding personality to a kitchen. Cabinets can range in color from light to dark and even feature contrasting colors or complementary… Read More >

Design a Custom Kitchen Island with Style, Purpose and Functionality

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many homeowners and, with careful planning and consideration, can be a valuable tool for keeping your home and family running smoothly. One of the most important parts of the kitchen design is the island. The kitchen island can provide a lot of functionality while adding style and purpose to the room. The Purpose of the Kitchen Island To design the perfect island, you must first ask yourself how you anticipate using the space, both now and in the future? This multi-purpose area may be used for any or all of the… Read More >

McLean, Virginia Kitchen Renovation and Screened Porch Addition

project profile McLean, Virginia Kitchen Renovation and Screened Porch Addition

Homeowner Challenge: To renovate a dated kitchen and add family living and dining space, a butler’s pantry and a screened porch while maintaining existing abundant natural light. The BOWA Solution: Borrowing square footage from the pool deck, the footprint of the home was extended from the rear wall of the kitchen for a sunroom addition and screened porch. An open-air porch with pergola was designed to complement the new spaces and enhance the transition to the outdoor pool area, while re-routing an interior staircase immediately improved traffic flow inside and… Read More >