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Smart Phone, Smart Home

It’s amazing how much of our lives we can control using the push of a button on our smart phones and tablets these days. Besides schedules, to-do lists and steps walked, there are countless tools we can use to make our homes safer and our lives a little easier by combining home automation with smart phone technology. Thermostats:  We’re all familiar with the benefits of programmable thermostats, which allow you to set temperature adjustments for various times of the day, but do you know about thermostats you can control remotely from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet? Perhaps… Read More >

A Brighter Future for Light Bulbs

The traditional incandescent light bulb has been in use for over 100 years, without many major changes. So why all the hoopla over our trusty incandescent bulbs the past several years? Well for starters, they’re not very energy efficient. Less than 10% of electrical power used is converted into visible light, while the remaining energy is lost as heat. A federal law was passed in 2007 to raise minimum efficiency standards for traditional incandescents, as well as a gradual phase-out plan. In 2012, 100-watt bulbs were no longer being produced, followed by the 75 watt bulbs in 2013. At the… Read More >

BOWA Recommends Latest Technology as Smart Phones Assist Homeowners in Post-Renovation Projects

McLean, Va. — BOWA (www.bowa.com), a home transformation company specializing in the design and construction of large-scale additions and renovations, is seeing more homeowners use smart phone applications (apps) to help manage their homes both on-site and remotely after installing technical systems that add comfort and convenience to a family’s daily life. “iPhones and iPads have transformed how people orchestrate their lives, both personally and professionally, and the ability to operate a home’s systems remotely with the swipe of a screen is no exception,” said Larry Weinberg, CEO of BOWA. “After a home undergoes a large-scale addition or renovation project,… Read More >