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BOWA’s Tim Burch Featured in Netflix Series

McLean, Va. – BOWA is pleased to announce that Tim Burch will make a guest appearance as Project Manager on Netflix’s original series Stay Here. In the first episode, Tim joins TLC’s Trading Spaces star Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer to transform a historic DC firehouse into one of the city’s most unique AirBnB rentals. While a production schedule such as this is not appropriate for a “real world” whole-house remodel, watch as he and the team work around the clock to renovate the two-story loft apartment in only three days. This isn’t Tim’s first time managing… Read More >

A Primer on Interior Home Maintenance

Homeowners often ask, “What are some general guidelines for keeping my home safe and healthy for my family?” Our experience over the last 28 years has proven that certain interior maintenance steps are critical to the long-term performance of your home, and a regular maintenance schedule can help you to avoid serious problems and inconvenience....