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A Refresher on Interior Home Maintenance

Homeowners often ask, “What are some general guidelines for keeping my home safe and healthy for my family?” Our experience over the last 25 years has proven that certain interior maintenance items are critical to the long-term performance of your home.  A regular schedule of interior and exterior home maintenance will likely help you to avoid serious home-related problems, or at least identify issues early so problems can be addressed in a timely manner with minimal adverse effects. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Maintenance Recommendation: Serviced in the spring and fall; change filters regularly. As a mechanical system, they… Read More >

‘Age in Place’ to Satisfy Evolving Needs

Featured in: The Connection Newspapers Alexandria Gazette Excerpt: “Your family may be approaching a transitional time in home ownership. Perhaps the kids have already moved out, or your “nest” is nearly empty as your last child contemplates going off to college. Or maybe you’re craving a living space that is more comfortable and convenient as it becomes more difficult to move around. There are many reasons couples choose to “age in place,” or modify their home to meet changing needs rather than purchase a new property…” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window… Read More >

Recycle, Reuse, Remodel

Featured in: The Connection Newspapers and The Potomac Almanac Excerpt: “Remodeling often affords an opportunity to re-purpose existing materials by donating to those less fortunate. Ask your remodeler if there is a plan or policy for saving materials for re-use rather than sending it to a land fill. Every project is different. And some materials are more easily removed and saved than others. Here are a couple of organizations that accepted used materials….” For More Information: Click here to view the full article in a new window Related Home Advisor:  Give your Home a Second Chance  … Read More >

Masterful Master Baths

Today’s master baths goes beyond mere bathrooms to also serve as places to pamper, relax and rejuvenate. Since it’s where your day begins and ends, it’s definitely a space you’ll want to be comfortable in and enjoy. The amenities in some master baths today can rival those of a luxury spa. So what are homeowners doing these days to create their own personal retreats? Savvy Selections Natural stone is as popular a choice as ever for bathroom floors and walls. Extending the tile work from the shower to the walls can help minimize the number of different elements in the… Read More >

Contemplating New Kitchen Countertops?

Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt:  Whether you’re looking to replace your old countertops as part of a full kitchen remodel or a quick facelift, you’ll find there is a wide array of options when it comes to materials and distinctive finishes. The best surface for your home often depends on your budget, style and lifestyle.  The following overview of available countertop options, including granite, marble, soapstone, engineered stone, solid surfacing, stainless steel, copper, zinc, wood and concrete may be helpful when choosing the solution that is right for you….  Choosing a countertop can be overwhelming, but an experienced design build… Read More >

Everything in Its Place: A look at other trends in bathroom design, clever ways to get more storage, the growing popularity of steam showers, and smarter toilets

Featured in: Washingtonian  Excerpt: The biggest challenge for area bath designers? Creating enough storage, particularly in a small bath in an older home. Here’s a look at other key considerations when renovating a bathroom. Creating More Storage: Many older bathrooms have wall-hung or pedestal sinks with little or no storage underneath. But people have more stuff these days. That, along with clever innovations in cabinetmaking, may be why designers say they’re creating more storage now in bathrooms, especially master baths. “Years ago, people had small vanities. Now they’re building in more cabinetry,” says Josh Baker of BOWA, a builder in… Read More >

Men vs. Women: What each wants in their master bathroom design

Featured in: Washingtonian Excerpt: Husbands and wives often want very different things in a master bathroom. Here’s how to get what you each like without landing in hot water. She wants a bubbler tub. He wants a steam shower. She wants a large vanity with lots of storage for makeup and toiletries. He needs one drawer. She wants a window that frames beautiful views from the tub. He wants a built-in television so he can watch ESPN while he shaves. She wants a gentle rain shower. He wants water pressure so strong it could peel paint. A husband and wife… Read More >

Making a Splash – Bathroom Design Trends

Featured in: Washingtonian Excerpt:  Spa-like details such as glass tile and soothing colors are a trend in home bathrooms…The bathroom itself, though, isn’t necessarily bigger. “People are looking for a more open feel but typically looking to work within the existing space,” says Josh Baker, founder of BOWA, a builder in McLean and Middleburg. “There’s a trend toward the master bath not being as expansive as it used to be. Years ago, some bathrooms were almost opulent. With the trend toward sleek sophistication, you don’t need that much space if it’s well done.”… One way to make a bathroom feel… Read More >

The Family Foyer: Essential Space

Featured in: Arlington  Connection  Excerpt: Whatever your name for it, this space is essential for every homeowner. At BOWA, we call this important room the “Family Foyer” as it often includes spaces to help organize the way today’s modern family lives. Here are four tips to help your family optimize (or create) a useful Family Foyer – determine the best location, use durable materials, plan carefully to suit your storage and functional needs, and consider designated spaces for each family member – even the dog. For More Information: BOWA Home Advisor:  Need Help Organizing your Family? Click here to read… Read More >

Functional Mudrooms Can Help Families Stay Organized

Featured in: Washington Examiner Excerpt: Mudrooms can be the first and last room in the house. Catching dirty boots, kids’ coats and book bags, it’s a room where chaos and disorganization seem to be the norm. It is such an important place for busy families, however, that it pays to make it organized and functional. “Mudrooms often include spaces designed to help organize the way the family lives,” said Sean Ganey, registered architect and project leader at BOWA, a luxury design and construction company with locations in McLean and Middleburg. In addition to traditional cubby holes and gym lockers, other… Read More >

BOWA Wins Grand Award in 2010 Capital COTY

Featured in: Home & Design Excerpt: COTY Awards, presented by the Metro DC Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), presents the Grand Award to BOWA in the category of “Entire House over $1 Million,” citing this whole-house renovation improves the flow and functionality of a traditional home. For More Information: Project Profile:  Purchase Consultation and Whole House Renovation in Great Falls, Virginia Click here to open the full article as a PDF in a new window.… Read More >

Have you Maximized your Home’s Livable Space?

Featured in: Loudoun Times-Mirror Excerpt: In the greater Washington DC area, there’s no question that space comes at a premium. But, with careful planning, a number of area homeowners have found creative ways to maximize both their storage and livable space during renovations of all sizes. There are countless ways for homeowners to maximize the usable space in their homes – limited only by one’s imagination and budget. If you’re considering a renovation or addition, your design build contractor can help you identify options that best suit your needs, home and lifestyle. For More Information: Use the PDF viewer to… Read More >

Have you Maximized your Home’s Livable Space?

In the greater Washington DC area, there’s no question that space comes at a premium. But, with careful planning, a number of area homeowners have found creative ways to maximize both their storage and livable space during renovations of all sizes. Following are examples of just a few creative living solutions we’ve seen in recent projects. Backsplash Appliance Garages Having an appliance garage in your kitchen is nothing new, but the twist comes in creating one or many storage areas hidden behind your backsplash. If you are in need of more counter space (and who isn’t with all the must-have… Read More >

Design a Favorite Space in your Home

Many people have a favorite space in their home, be it a cozy nook for reading, a luxurious bath for escaping the hassles of a long day or a gourmet kitchen ideally suited for preparing meals the whole family can enjoy. Your favorite space may be a home bar perfect for entertaining family and friends (see last month’s issue) or an area custom designed to match your children’s interests so they can enjoy time with friends in the safety of your own home.  If you don’t already have your favorite space picked out keep in mind a well-planned home renovation … Read More >

BOWA Sees Growing Trend of Customized Home Bars in Washington, D.C. Area Luxury Homes

BOWA (www.bowa.com), a home transformation company specializing in the design and construction of large-scale additions and renovations, is seeing more homeowners in the Washington, D.C. area ask for unique, custom home bars to add elegance and function to their remodeling projects. “A home bar is a great place to entertain family and friends in a memorable setting from the comfort and safety of your own home,” said Larry Weinberg, CEO of BOWA. “There are many exciting options available to homeowners that ensure a bar space is transformed into an alluring entertaining area that suits personal taste and lifestyle.” From a… Read More >