project profile
Video Timelapse of a Complete Home Renovation in Potomac, MD

Homeowner Challenge:

The client’s desire to live in a specific Potomac, Maryland neighborhood presented a challenge that was threefold: inventory, needs and finances. First, there were no available lots on the market. Second, the existing homes for sale were dated and not conducive to the family’s modern lifestyle. Finally, the client had strict budgetary requirements for the project, but wanted all the amenities of a new home.

The BOWA Solution:

Having carefully evaluated the client’s needs and goals, the design build team at BOWA proposed working with an existing home in the desired neighborhood and, rather than tearing it down completely, reusing the foundation and expanding it as needed. This saved significant dollars on demolition, foundation, materials and labor. The homeowners also received a significant tax credit because BOWA used a charitable organization to do the remaining demolition. On the contractor’s recommendation, the client also chose to maximize their value by taking advantage of pricing and scheduling benefits associated with panelized construction. The savings realized in the initial phases of the project allowed the addition of many structural upgrades and finishing details important to both BOWA and the homeowner. Beginning with waterproofing, unseen but critically important, through the installation of the flagstone front porch, mahogany entry door, custom hardwood flooring, woodwork and tile, the home was delivered on time, and on budget. The result incorporated the best of all worlds: a high-quality home that is customized to the family’s wishes. The homeowners couldn’t be happier.

Project Highlights:

  • The original home’s foundation was reused, which was a significant cost savings.
  • Panelized construction was used a means to reduce costs and project duration.