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Front Entrance Renovation in Arlington, VA

Homeowner Challenge:

The homeowners of this Arlington, VA home wished to change the appearance of their front entryway and called on BOWA’s design build team to help. The existing front porch had suffered water damage over the years, and the homeowners wanted to take this opportunity to reconfigure the space and freshen up the facade.

The BOWA Solution:

The first step was to deconstruct the existing entry way’s exterior structures to create a blank slate. The porch’s foundation was enlarged and support elements were repositioned to provide a better sense of balance and scale. The homeowners also felt that the roof of the portico was too low and confining, so additional space was added to make the area seem less imposing to those entering the home. The front stairs were extended to provide a larger, more gracious entryway for visitors. New steel beams were added to the structure to reinforce the roof, and columns were added to create a more refined look. A railing was installed to complement the new structure as well as create a functional outdoor space above.

The original window on the second floor above the portico was replaced with an eight-pane door, which provides access to the new rooftop patio. On the interior of the home the upstairs hallway was enlarged to provide comfortable access to the new space. The homeowners love the welcoming feel of their elegant new portico and rooftop sitting area.

Project Highlights:

  • Steel beams were added to create a new roof-top patio, accessed by eight-pane door
  • Roof of the portico was raised to make it feel more open for visitors
  • Stairs extended to create more space