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Washingtonian Profiles - Faces of Luxury Condo Renovations


If you’re considering the luxury condominium lifestyle, then your first call should be to BOWA. With projects ranging from kitchens and baths to combined-unit renovations, BOWA has more condo remodeling experience than anyone in the area.

Our relationships with realtors and building managers allow us to help identify and quickly evaluate units. Once we dive into design, our experts know the tricks for customizing ample storage, ensuring privacy, replicating a gourmet kitchen, making the space feel more open and more – all common concerns when transitioning from a single family home.

Our production team then marries the delicate handling of the finest residential projects with the methodologies and complex systems of commercial building. It’s a unique blend requiring specialized subcontractors and the watchful supervision for which BOWA is known.

So, if you want the convenience of urban living, but are not ready to forego your beautiful finishes, BOWA is the answer.